Registered Nurse Career

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I believe that a Registered Nurse would be a great career for me. From my knowledge, I know a Registered Nurse is also called a RN. I want to be able to have an impact on someone’s life every day. I have had some experience in this field by Home Health Care and doing an internship in the OB department. I have learned a little about what it takes to be a nurse and the work environment for it. A Registered Nurse is the most important career there is out there because, it’s a good paying field, it would be a rewarding job to have, and I would be able to help others on a daily base. From my education throughout the years, I know that a Registered Nursed gets paid very well and also they have great benefits as well. I would like to work in the hospital in the OB department because when I done my internship I loved being with the babies. There are so many other places a RN can work like a nursing center, office, school, and a doctor office. From my knowledge, I know if you work in a hospital on a holiday you get paid more than an office or a school, because they are working longer. The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated “In 2012, about 1 out of 5 registered nurses worked part time” (2014-15 Edition). Not only RN’s get paid well but they get to help others and get a reward …show more content…
I have spent quite amount of time doing jobs that are similar to this career. It has always been one of my dream jobs helping others and I believe this filed would be a great job to do so. For example, I have learned throughout the years it takes a lot of schooling and knowledge to become a nurse. Most importantly a RN pays well for the future, the greatest rewarded from saving people and get to help others. Those are only a few reasons why this career would be a fantastic job for me. I want a job where I can wake up and say I love my job or go home and say I saved someone today. RN’s are the

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