A Girl's Look Into Sports Essay

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A Girl’s Look into Sports
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Self-esteem is defined as the confidence and satisfaction in oneself. One of the key elements in a girl’s adolescence is the proper development of self-esteem. Adequate self-esteem is a major component in the proper development of teenagers, especially females during the adolescent years. Without a good measure of self-esteem, young girls may grow up lacking basic skills needed to succeed in life; athletic involvement beginning at a young age is a good way to begin developing necessary social skills that will lead to greater self-esteem later in life. Although participation in sports can have a negative effect on teenage girls, the positive impact the sport has on
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164). All of the injuries mentioned above are considered minor, and will fully heal over a short period of time. Pressure from coaches or parents could greatly interfere with the healing process of these minor injuries. This pressure causes the athlete to feel as though she needs to get back in the game, so she does not take time out to let the injury properly heal and thus makes the injury worse, which could lead to more time sitting out. Also, overtraining, and the injuries that result from it, are not something that solely occur because a girl participates in a sport; over training and the following injuries are caused mainly from constant pressure of the athlete’s coach or parents, therefore the occurrence of both overtraining and possible injuries is easily preventable. Although overtraining may present a negative effect of athletics on females, the benefits of females participating in sports greatly outnumber the disadvantages.
One of the positive effects of sports is that they play a key factor in the discipline of an adolescent athlete. According to an online journal article, “Athletes were more likely than non-athletes to graduate from high school (3x more)” (Schultz, 1999), as well as have higher grades (Sabo, 1997, p. 77.) Taking part in some kind of physical activity can help improve learning, memory, and concentration, which can give active girls an advantage when it comes to their education. Given the statistics that show

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