A Family Of Chinese Immigrants Essay

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KangKang Shih, known as Patrick in the U.S., is part of a family of Chinese immigrants. His grandparents migrated from China to Brazil before his father was born. Patrick’s father, aunt, and uncle all grew up in Sao Paulo and later went on to study in the United States in search of better opportunities. However, while most of the Shih family stayed in the U.S., his father, Teh Shih, moved back to China and consequently, that’s where Patrick was born.
While Teh might not have been born in China and, therefore, may not be considered a Chinese returnee, his return to China is a great example of Saxenian’s brain-circulation theory. Teh’s father migrated to Brazil, Teh migrated to the U.S. to obtain knowledge from a developed country, and now applies what he has learned by living in China and conducting various businesses in order to improve China’s economy (Chen, 2008).
I interviewed Patrick to ask about how his life, in particular, has been influenced by China and globalization. This past month, he has moved to Boston, MA in order to attend the 11th grade at Milton Academy. However, despite his family’s history and status, the Patrick’s journey to the U.S. has not been easy. As pointed out by Fong, while many Chinese students want to come to the U.S. and study, those who do are often the ones who do not have money or the resources to do so (Fong, 2011).
This is Patrick’s third year applying to Milton Academy. He has attended the Hangzhou International School from an early age…

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