Cho Changgi Case Study

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Cho Yonggi

3 John 1:2 says, "Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well" (New International Version, 3 John. 1.2). Pastor Cho Yonggi upbuilt this biblical passage into his own Full Gospel theology and successed as a senior pastor of a megachurch, Yoido Full Gospel Church which boasts 830,000 members, a number it says is rising by 3,000 a month. However, his achievement also connotes contradictions which Korean society faced. Although Cho Yonggi is recognized as a minister who fostered Protestant Church in Korea, he is more likely to avaricious CEO who caught materialistic desire of the public properly and managed church system stably. Born in 1936, Cho had undergone suffering and
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But Cho didn’t stop there. After the 1980s, Cho tried to be a competent CEO to run his enormous church business. Yong Amos also observes that Cho formed charismatic image to public by his hectic schedule across the borders and tremendous responsibility for a ministry of the Gospel. By this unapproachable images, he made a social distance between church members and him (Yong, 16). As a result, he was almost recognized as a holy man and dignified manager of the church. In 1991, Sunbogeum church started to provide live stream screen service by transmitting Cho’s preachment to all over the world in every Sunday. It was an incredible innovation at that time. The church members experienced religious impression without Cho’s physical existence and only by his virtual image and message on the screen. This experience also made Cho special and arcane figure in his church and reinforced the belief of church members to him (Yong, 23). Of course, his influence and position in the church grew bigger and bigger as time went

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