Eric Soong Case Study

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Assessment 1: Interviewing an entrepreneur

First of all, I would like to interview an entrepreneur Eric Soong from Yummy Flower. Eric Soong was born in middle-income family of 5 members, Eric Soong was second eldest son in family. After graduated from high school he went to Canada for further study. Eric Soong is someone adventurous and who like to travel around the world to explore, experience various culture and hunt for something special in this world. At the time he was travelling, he loves to explore something new and bring it back to his family to share with them. Eric Soong is a person who self-confidence and never give up. He always believe himself and keep try and try again until it work successfully. He always remind himself if want
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In and out of the country, he experience that in many goods or food in Malaysia which is fine and famous, for sure in the end there will be many impostor duplicate in the market to be made profit by many different other business. Therefore, to bring back something from overseas and start market it in Malaysia, he have to seek for something thats difficult to be duplicate by other business man and so that he seek to monopolise the market with something. And in the end he choose the chocolate flowers as because he stated that chocolate flowers is not as easy to produce as we think it is. Without the right supplier of fresh fruits, without a discipline group of team and without patience in production, it will not have 100% result in …show more content…
Thus, he had to hunt for fresh strawberries to produce Chocolate Flower. Because strawberry is a seasonable fruit in the market. So it is hard to get someone that supply fresh, tasty and reasonable price of fruits on daily basis. Other than that, timing of production plays an important role for his business as well. For example, a chocolate flower can only last for 3 or maximum 4 hour only. Later than that, the flowers will start getting out of taste and our customer might not be tasting something that we expect them to have. Therefore, time management on production is one of the toughest key point on production. Anyway, Eric Soong is a self confident person. He always confidence in himself for all the decisions that he

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