Chobani Case Study

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After reading the case, Chobani: Making Greek Yogurt a Household Name, it is clear they focused and implemented the 4 marketing “Ps” very well. They created a naturally good product and convinced consumer they want it, more so, with the high protein, low sugar, and low-fat content, convinced consumers they need it.
Whom did Hamdi Ulukaya identify as the target for his first cups of Greek yogurt?
Mr. Hamdi Ulakaya wanted to share his creation with the world because he knew he had a great natural product that tasted good. Therefore, he began targeting consumers in large grocery store chains even though his very first cup was sold in a small grocer in Long Island, in 2007). Chobani is a multi-faceted product because it is not only sold in
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He took the time and tapped into the experience of an expert to ensure Chobani was the highest quality than any other yogurt on the market. The product created was in a class of its own and it needed to be promoted as such. Hamdi wanted Chobani to stand out on the supermarket shelves, so he created a cup with a wide opening and a colorful label to stand out against its competitors. Chobani was placed in large grocery store chains to be assessable to as many consumers as possible. To get the word out a very well received CHOmobile was done to provide samples of the yogurt across the country. There is no better way to get consumers to try a new product than by providing free samples in highly populated areas. Lastly, Hamdi’s price strategy was to price the yogurt competitively to its competitors but not too low to forfeit a …show more content…
This strategy will allow the collection of data amongst many different technologies to work together. IBM’s vision is to have all these systems talk to each other, therefore, have more reliable and useful data to create efficient processes.
How does this strategy relate to IBM’s mission and values?
IBM has changed over that last 100 years, per the video, one thing that has remained constant is its values. It’s core values is the heart of “Smarter Planet” by striving to be the leader in innovation and development of advanced information technology while creating value for customers through professional services and consultation. IBM’s customer base is looking to create processes that reduce cost and increase new innovative ways to work smarter and not harder.
How can IBM Communicate its strategy to companies, cities, and

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