Chuan And Jingjing Case Study

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It is quiet easy for people buy an air ticket migrating to another country, but it is difficult for them to give up their original life and adapt into a new society of another country. How many immigrants successfully acculturate in another country’s society? To study in the United States has become popular in China. Chinese parents try every method sending their children to America school because they think American education is better than Chinese. Is the approach good for every child? Parent’s motivation is good, but it is not suitable for every child. Therefore, Chinese parents should take thorough consideration while they have the idea of immigration.
Chuan and JingJing are siblings who migrated to the United State with their parents.
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Their father is a labor contractor and their mother is a caretaker. Chuan and JingJing studied in the best school in their rural town. Their family life was not particularly rich in China, but their parents always met Chuan and JingJing’s basic needs. However, in recent years, many Chinese college students, even from the elite universities, could not find a high wage job in Chinese society due to “the number graduates and the number of institutions of higher education have been on the rise over the past two decades“ (Esposito & Tse). It mad youth extremely difficult to find a job even they had higher degree. Such situation made their father began to concern about Chuan’s future, but not JingJIng’s future because JingJIng still could have a better future if she married a rich man. In addition, many of their home neighbors migrated to the United State or Canada in order to seek better jobs and education for children. Therefore, their father had an idea of migration and he began planning to migrate to the United …show more content…
As a young child, he was not like JingJIng that had her own dream. He did not know what advantages America had that made her family want to migrate to America. He seemed not like America because he did not want to change the way of his life. Therefore, he tried to argue with his parents, but the conversation did not change her parent’s mind. Finally, he had to follow her parents and migrated to America starting his new life. This was the process of social selection because he was satisfied with the present life condition and he did not want to accept a new life. In general, he was pushed by his parents. (Guarnaccia,

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