A Fair Minded Critical Thinking Essay

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Fair-minded critical thinking is but one of the virtues of a disciplined mind. Intellectual integrity, humility, autonomy, empathy, courage, confidence in reason and perseverance are also virtues of a disciplined mind. Each of these virtues are interrelated and inter-dependent. The development of fair-minded critical thinking requires the ability to treat every viewpoint relevant to a situation in an unbiased, unprejudiced way. This type of thinking is a challenge to the natural mind because it requires thinking and making decisions without reference to the feelings of friends, family or even the view of the nation or the world. Adherence to intellectual standards like accuracy and sound logic which is uninfluenced by personal views, any personal advantage or advantage gained by another group is required to be a fair-minded critical thinker. b.

The world is constantly changing, evolving, revolutionizing in good and bad ways. Intellectual humility is the ability to recognize that no matter how smart a person is, they simple cannot know everything and therefore must embrace the consciousness of the limits of one 's knowledge. Sensitivity to circumstances can be deceptive and cause dysfunctional thinking and the appearance of arrogance. Intellectual humility is not the same as ignorance but is simply the ability to accept the fact that it is impossible to know all things or be lacking in knowledge about something. The use of clichés and coin phases can be…

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