The White Tiger By Aravind Adig A Character Analysis

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The White Tiger A Novel written by Aravind Adiga is a fictional story within the real world environment of a modern India. Within this narrative we follow the character of Balram. Balram is from a lower caste and wants to escape the hell of his families’ poverty. Working his way up to become the personal driver of Mr. Ashok the son of a wealthy family Balram begins to change. Spending time with Mr. Ashok begins to give Balram an idea of what he could be. To kill his Master and steal a large sum of money in which he can leverage success in the world. As things unfold Ashok is shown to be a weak person. Unable to please his wife resulting in her leaving him. Unable to refuse his father the Stork. Unable to provide what he promises to Balram himself. …show more content…
He talks about the infrastructure that is lacking in India. The basics you think of when we bring up modern first world society. From running water to sewage these aspects are missing in India. “And these entrepreneurs—we entrepreneurs—have set up all these outsourcing companies that virtually run America now.”(3) Not only is Balram failing to show any intellectual humility but he also shows that his logic is faulty. To start with Balram’s comment that the outsourcing companies virtually runs America is quite the boastful. His prideful statements on the current power structure of his nation and the nation of the US might have been ok but he lacks the evidence to support his statements. To boast is to have a large amount of pride in the actions of oneself or the actions of your state. What makes his boasting show that he lacks Intellectual humility is the fact that he just told the Primer of China that India lacks the ability to provide social services. How could any nation that can’t take care of its own claim such power over the US. He boasts without a solid factual foundation that his statements can fall upon. It is also considered a leap in logic fallacy. From “…our nation, though it has no drinking water, electricity…” (2) To “…we virtually run America now.” Balram can’t see how lack of public sanitation and health infrastructure to what is easily considered world control is …show more content…
As the main protagonist his lack of the critical thinking trait of intellectual humility and is success is an important point to notice. Balram’s goal is throughout the novel has always been to show his rise to power. He is dictating his letter at a time where all the events he recalls have pasted and already left their mark on him. He reveals the fact that after he kills Ashok and leaves to become successful he takes on his name. In a way Balram takes the place of Ashok as a wealthy Indian. Ashok, the Stork and the Mongoose all had interactions with Balram as he served as a driver. The three also lack intellectual humility. The men they bribe in the government lack humility. They are boastful and think they know best. And so does Balram. His opinion on the US is after he is Ashok. His opinions on Muslims are after he is Ashok. When he shows humility he has yet to become the business man Ashok. The rich upper class all lack intellectual humility. Only the servant Balram showed it. To show intellectual humility does not mean you are a richer person or a more successful man. The men in power openly mock the fact that they could be wrong or not know what’s best. In India and the world at large to be a financial success you can lack intellectual humility and still gain capital

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