Tears Of A Tiger Character Analysis

Tears of a Tigers
Tears of a Tiger is a novel expresses the pain and depression of a teen that is depressed over a mistake he has made. Author Sharon Draper portrays the book as a couple of high school basketball players that have just played a game and won, after the game they go out for some fun which includes driving and drinking. Then they get into a little trouble and a life is lost during the accident. This novel shows the levels of depression by the way the main character Andy handled the situation from the beginning to the end.
The main character Andy felt guilty for the death of one of his closest friends Robbie, who was sitting in the passenger seat of the car and did not make it. Not long after the accident when Andy got back to school it was like he could not focus on anything, he felt as if he did not care about anything including his life. Andy tried killing himself by jumping into oncoming traffic, but was shortly stopped by his girlfriend.“Everyone starts to get back to the way things were before the accident—well, everyone except Andy, that is. He can't wrap his head around his school work anymore, and he doesn't care if he lives
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Andy described depression and a reliable teen, Rob described hardworking and innocent, Keisha was caring but can only take so much. Coach Ripley was encouragement and a listener, Andy’s parents careless and only thought about themselves and Monty represented trust and admire because he trusted Andy and admired him to. “The novel is also suitable for use in curricular units dealing with alcohol abuse, suicide, and racism.”(Merri Monks) This quote explains how the novel relates to society and now times. “Imagine being in a car accident with three of your best friends and one of you doesn't survive.”(Study) This quote makes you think about your life and how it would feel for you if you were in Andy’s place with your friends and had to go through

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