Essay A Discussion On Classroom Management

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The first paragraph on page 490 under the “The Basic Talk: Gain Their Cooperation” section is moving. I agree with everything that is said but I could have never put it into words like the book. Amazing. The cooperation of students is crucial to classroom management. I have witness classrooms with almost total cooperation and hardly any cooperation. The teacher is in charge of creating the cooperative environment. Its a difficult task at times because all students are different and they require different levels of support. Monotonous activities should be avoided at all costs. Unpredictability yet routine is a balance that needs to be kept. Cooperation sparks from trust. You get them to trust you by giving them a classroom they want to participate in.

We have had a lot of discussion about classroom management in several of my other education courses. Its a tedious skill that takes a strong teacher to do it right. The third goal of classroom management listed in the book is “management for self-management”. I couldn’t of put it better! Managing your classroom in a fashion that teaches your students to manage themselves is the only way it should be done. Practicing management for self-management in the classroom will result in the most effective learning environment and students that want to learn. Having a classroom full of student’s who are able to positively manage themselves is well worth the work. This process takes time and will work better with some students than…

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