Analysis Of Judith Jarvis Thomson's A Defense Of Abortion

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-Judith Jarvis Thomson is a moral philosopher, who wrote A Defense of Abortion in1971. This piece of writing is still causing uproar even in the present time over the continuous argument of abortion. She is for abortion in the right circumstances, and in order to fight the people against her, she wrote this piece of writing. In this text, she states that a fetus is not a person and does not have the right to life, but in order to fight against objections towards her she agrees that a fetus is a person, only for the sake of this argument.She is saying that the usual argument against abortion is “all persons have a right to life, a fetus is a person, therefore they have right to life, therefore abortion is wrong.”. She says yes they are a life …show more content…
One objection is that no matter the circumstance you are pulling the trigger on a life. It doesn't matter the time you are stopping a life and preventing its right to life. Now that you are pregnant it is your responsibility to cherish this life and take care of it. You cannot end this life and say it is justified. Just like pulling the trigger of a gun you are not first-hand killing a person, but you are making the choice that ends in a person's death or harm.If you are okay with abortion you are okay with all murder. Another argument is that even if you don't want this child some other family could adopt this child and make the family complete. This abbey has right to happiness even if with another family. Abortion is not the answer, there is adoption. My last objection towards Thomson is that it is the woman's fault that they are pregnant they need to accept the consequences.Even with contraception, there is a small chance that you accept. By having sex you are agreeing to take the risk. Now because that risk came up doesn't mean you have the right to have an abortion. You agreed to risk now this is your

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