A Day For A Family Road Trip Essay

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My hands gripped the steering wheel, and began to tremble. The humming of my tires came to a complete halt. Hesitant, I glanced out the rain speckled mirror. . Few, I thought as I watched a cat scurry up the dull green embankment, leading way to a small housing development. That was a close call. I had just woke to the sun breaking through the deep morning fog, rays from the sun fell slanted through the evenly distributed bedroom windows, leaving a refreshing feeling of peace. Ahhhh, I thought, what a beautiful start to the day, and the perfect day for a family road trip. ( need to add a paragraph about packing up the car etc, and our drive to Boston here ) Shortly after checking into the hotel in Boston, I received a tex from my neighbor Mike. “Hey, did you know that you hit my fathers cat this morning? I just rushed her to the veterinarian clinic in Williston. They said she 'll live, but she 's in bad shape. After a quick examination, the veterinarian said she has a broken jaw and a perforated eye. They will be running more test in the meantime. Accidents happen, and no one is upset with you. My father wanted me to reach out to you so you knew what had happened. I could feel my heart beating down into the pit of my stomach like a runaway train trying to gain speed on a rickety track. I thought, how could this be possible, I saw her running away. My mind revisited the incident a dozen times, and with each vision came a feeling of self blame. The more I though…

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