A Conflict At Work Essay

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Tell of a conflict that you recently encountered. It could be a conflict at work, in the news, or one involving a personal relationship. After explaining the conflict, choose one of the four presented critical analysis tools from this week, and analyze the situation using the tool.

I recently encountered a conflict at the office that I felt needed to be analyzed using Root Cause Analysis. I work for a bank and we employ a program called the “FSR Program” which is basically a program of Licensed Bankers that are selling insurance products and annuities to clients who don’t quite qualify for Wealth Management, but do qualify for some financial management. Last month, I was recently promoted to Department Head. With being promoted, I have a few perks to the job, such as direct access to upper management, a really small expense account ($75 / Month) and I now cover ten stores with a staff of 9. However, conflict arose when I now have the responsibilities of my Branch that I have to tend to. I am not the branch manager, and have no reason to manage the branch, but because my manager makes the staff rely on me, I have to make exceptions to this. Effectively, I am responsible for 14 employees.

Not only that, I have to make time for customers, my department, and also make time to generate my own sales, so that my numbers don’t fall below where they need to be. I have also noted that my store manager doesn’t want me focused on sales, but on customer…

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