Essay about A Clumsy Housewife And Mother

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A clumsy housewife and mother takes a job as a computer assistance at a software company, but soon discovers that her co-worker plans to sell cruical data and she becomes a reluctant spy to stop the conspiracy.

DON’T TELL HER NO focuses on a likable female protagonist, Julie Braine, a rather ordinary housewife who unwittingly gets caught up in an international computer spy caper.
The script follows Julie as she comes to learn to respect herself and prove that she’s a capable, smart woman, which she has struggled with all her life. In addition, her family learns to survive without her, and in the end Julie and her family have a newfound appreciation of each other.
There are certainly features to like about this script. The idea of an ordinary, average wife getting caught up in an international virtual conspiracy has merit. It reminds one of the show THE SCARECROW and MRS. KING, in which a housewife also became a spy.
With that said, the story would benefit from more development in the areas of the structure, the pace, the tone, and the tension, as well as some further character development.
One of the concerns is the tone and identifying the correct story genre. It’s not always clear or always consistent. Sometimes the story feels like a comedy (the clumsy heroine) and sometimes it feels like a thriller (the opening scene and more at the end), and there are also dramatic elements.
However, throughout most of the script, the goal for the heroine isn’t…

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