Women's Rights In The 1920s Essay

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In the 1920s the lifestyle of the people was completely different then it is now. Being that women could not vote. Women did not have many rights, they were always treated differently than their male counterparts. Women had been seen as the domestic ¨worker¨ for a long time. Women typically stayed at home and took care of the children. “ ‘Housewife’ was the only suitable role because society frowned on women earning a living” (Alexander). Women were not supposed to work in the “man’s world” because it was too harsh for a respectable lady to bear. Up until the 1920s women were not allowed to smoke because it was deemed manly (Moore 72). “Before national suffrage was achieved, a great many women—equally excluded from this basic right of citizenship—could …show more content…
“The idea is if we don’t look out the white race will be—will be utterly submerged” (Fitzgerald 16). Colored people and immigrants had a bad reputation with the whites and how they had “stolen” people’s jobs and rights. “Another serious issue that hampered women's efforts in behalf of reform was the white racism and indifference that limited black anti-white women activists' ability to work together” (Dumenil). The problem with the racial inequality was that nothing was ever going to get done at the rate they were going. People were at each others necks blaming one another for the Depression and all of the bad things that were going on in their lives. “Recent immigrants worked as domestics only until they could get factory jobs” (Alexander). Many people blamed immigrants for taking American jobs away from them. People were losing their jobs because the owners could not afford the American’s wanted salary. Immigrants worked for cheaper wages and did much harder work. American wages were much higher than the ones that the factory workers paid the immigrants.The colored people were blamed for everything because they were a different race than every other person. They were the scapegoat for everything that went wrong and not the way people expected it to. Being the minority in the 1920s was comparable to being a Jew in Nazi

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