A Business Administration Management Marketing Essay

1279 Words May 16th, 2016 null Page
Enterprise holdings is an American company, one of the top car rentals companies in the countries, which is very well known also outside of the countries. Enterprise holding is known as the best transportation service provider in the world which exceed in customers’ expectations for service, quality and value. Which provide their employees with a great place to work to better provide customer service, which they proudly serve in their communities as a dedicated corporate citizen. Being a Business Administration Management Marketing as an intern my perspective of doing the internship was to better perfect my management, and communications skills, and better serve every customer that walk through the door and make them satisfy with the service provides by Enterprise. Enterprise Holdings operates on different step cycle of services such as: telephone, pick up customers, branch arrival, rental contract, take the customer to the car, callback, return of the vehicle, and invitation to return. I will also take on management skills that I could use later on in my future. For a company that is very big and very well known throughout the world they can faces some tough challenges, and suffer some loses within different locations. One of the top challenges faces by enterprise is having enough car ready at the branch locations the customer wants to rent the car from. Enterprise Holdings Inc. is more just a rental car companies to regular customer but also have a relationship such…

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