A Brief Note On Lupus And Its Effect On The Skin And Organs Of A Person

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So far during my 7 years of attending college, I have really only experienced one thing that have kept me from being able to strive high in my grades and college attendance. In 2009, I was diagnosed with lupus while still in the military. Lupus is an auto immune disease that can cause affect the skin, joints and organs of a person. It can cause joint pain, aches, skin rashes, damage internal organs and etc. Though I mostly only suffered from the occasional aches and pains, I tried not to let it hinder me on achieving my degree.
In 2012, I medically retired after serving seven years in the Army due to my having lupus and not being able to deploy. As soon as I moved back home to Alabama, I enrolled in Virginia College to begin getting my degree in Business Administration. I was able to complete my first quarter without any type of issues at all. Then about 4 days before I was to begin my second quarter at Virginia College, I was sent to Baptist South Hospital in order to do an emergency heart surgery in order to release fluid from around my heart. Still, I tried not to let that stop me. I stayed in the hospital for about 4 days recovering and then was released. Since it was the Fourth of July holiday, I had about an extra 4 days to stay home and recoup. That very next week, though I was in great pain, I was back in school. Since that incident, I was able to go thru school both working nights full time at the post office and attending classes full time in the day with no…

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