A Analysis On The Company 's Strategy Essay

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The company’s strategy describes why the company matters in the marketplace by laying down a tactic to creating superior value for customers and determining how competences and resources will be utilized to deliver the desired value to customers. Quick Take Video is a small management team that is operated by both company owners and the general manager who oversees administrative tasks and the financial department. John Switzer is a newly hired Production Coordinator. Who is responsible for making sure that everything runs smoothly during filming, by overseeing location bookings and arranging any necessary permissions and risk assessments. As well as, setting up and monitoring product standards and implementing the teleprompter. The product line of Quick Take Video to their customers is called rowing audience. By using a rowing audience format it can assists Quick Take Video to determine why aren’t people watching the news or why aren’t young people getting involved in watching the news. The corporation Quick Take Video also pioneered in developing video news releases into a format and TV station can actually use.
Most successful companies usually have a mission and/or a vision statement within the roadmap of their business strategic plan. In order to achieve their vision/mission statement, goals have to be defined and follow through. With Quick Take Videos, their mission statement is to create videos that meets or exceeds network standards by…

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