Testing Body Cameras Case Study

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Of course, the big questions that remain are, where will the money for the body cameras come from and how much will it cost? Well two days prior to the grand jury decision in Garners case, President Obama announced $263 million in federal funding, for law enforcement agencies to purchase and test body worn cameras on police officers, with the purpose of improving training and bringing transparency (Sink). However, there is still is no official established rules for where the money will come from, cities throughout the US have already begun testing body cameras on police officers. Each city or state has funded them through their own method. For example, in Carlsbad California, police officers began trying out body cameras on February 2016. Their testing period went from …show more content…
They projected that expense for the first year would be about $212,300, which includes equipment, officer training, and data storage. The tab for each subsequent year was projected at about $123,150 (Alfonso). There have also been suggestions for how to pay for body cameras. Once suggestion appeared in The Chicago Tribune (a daily news reporting company). Illinois lawmakers are pushing a plan to add a $5 fee into traffic tickets to pay for the equipment. While this may sound like a little amount, a little goes a long way. There are ways through where body cameras could be funded.
So, what are the laws or policies on body cameras? There still is no official laws enforcing every police officer to wear a body camera, but it seems like there soon will be. According to Josh Hicks, the Baltimore district requires officers to confirm with the dispatcher that cameras are switched on before they respond to a call when they encounter the public. Personally, I think it is a good idea to ensure that police officers have their body cameras on when they encounter the public; however, the problem with this method is that it can slow down the

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