Essay On Police Body Cameras

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Police Body Cameras The End To Privacy
Police body cameras are simply the answer to civilians unheard cries. Police body cameras will never be the answer to stopping police brutality. They are, however, the answer to angry civilians who want an end to police ferociousness. Because body cameras can only catch the officer 's point of view, the cameras are coming with a big price tag, and officers are going to have to think more before they act, police body cameras are not the answer to stopping police brutality.
Police body cameras may not be worth it because they can only capture the officer 's point of view. Tsin Yen Koh from Great Neck Publishing says, “Even if the cameras are kept on throughout the officer’s shift, they can only record events from the officer’s point of view. Their is no guarantee that all pertinent details will be captured on video” (Koh). Knowing police body cameras can only capture the officer 's point of view would negate the need to spend money on them in the first place. In most situations there will usually be witnesses or even cameras. Technology has not advanced enough to where we have
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The reasons for this are: the cost is too high, they only capture one point of view, and they are unsafe for the officers. There are many sources that state the reasons that police body cameras are unnecessary, a nuisance, costly, and ineffective. The bottom line is these cameras are very new and not enough research has been done on them. They need to be tested repeatedly to see what benefits and complications they might pose . The trial period for the cameras might prove that they are extremely helpful in keeping officers accountable, but most likely they will be a hindrance to their work. It is not worth the money if innocent police officers could become victims because of the added stress of the cameras. Police body cameras are not the remedy for stopping police

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