5 Year Old Observation Report

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Observation of a 5-year-old
The purpose of this observational study is to gain perspective of the various theories of development that were taught in class. Also, to help the observer understand that observational research is complex and difficult to describe a five-year-old female child objectively. The observation took place in the child’s home for one hour while her parents were present during the study thus, the mother can sign the permission slip.

Descriptive information
The child observed was 5 years old named Kerly Lopez, she is of Hispanic background and Spanish is the only language spoken at home, she lives in an extended family with her biological parents, a newborn sister, aunt, uncle and cousin. Physically, the child is nearly 39 inches tall and weighs around 51 pounds. Her body type would classify as of an ectomorph since it appears to be slender and delicate looking. Kerly has long dark brown hair, her skin color is intermediate light and has brown upturned eyes with a tiny speck on the left sclera. The child
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The phallic stage happens between 3 and 6 year olds thus the child becomes attached to the parent of the opposite sex. However, Kerly appears to be more attached to her mother than father, contradicting Freud’s psychosexual theory. Other theorist called Erik Erikson extended Freud’s theory, but Erikson emphasized mainly on social influences than on sexual urges to explain behavior. Initiative versus guilt is the stage in Erikson’s theory when a child takes an initiative in trying new things and parents might find it as risky or dangerous. The child observed seems to belong more to this stage than Freud’s psychosexual theory. For instance, Kerly tried to show off when she attempted to do spin on the floor, but her mother told her to sit and watch television to prevent her from falling down on the

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