Ron Weasley Made Us Laugh Essay

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5 Times Ron Weasley Made Us Laugh

There is no reason to doubt the power of laughter. #RonWeasley is known to fans as Harry’s best male friend. He marries their other best friend #HermioneGranger. They have two children, #RoseGrangerWeasley and #HugoGrangerWeasley. However, there is more to the character then just these factors. He is seem as the butt of people’s jokes (lookin’ at you Fred and George)! Though, it is safe to say that Ron has some funny moments that doesn’t involved him getting spelled.

Here are five times Ron Weasley made us laugh.

1. Don’t Panic! It’s Just Devil’s Snare
Who can forget the moment in the first book and film when Ron, Harry and Hermione are caught in Devil’s Snare? I can’t. Hermione tells her friends that they
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The friends run for their lives.

After escaping the forest with the help of the flying car, Ron exclaims:
"… If Hagrid ever gets out of Azkaban I'm going to kill him."
This is Ron’s way of saying that Hagrid has a bad choice in pets.

3. Tap Dancing Spiders In His Dreams
A notable scene in the third film, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Ron awakens in a cold sweat. Harry who is sitting up in the bed, going over the Marauder’s Map looks over at him questioningly. Ron, in a shaky, panicky voice tells him that spiders want him to tap dance. Harry tells him to tell the spiders no. Ron falls asleep again.

4. Getting Yelled At By His Mother Via Howler
One of the best things about the Weasley clan is that they are always there for each other. Molly Weasley, the mother of Ron has a strong stance on her children misbehaving.

When Harry and Ron are forced to use Arthur’s flying car to get to Hogwarts, they are almost expelled. McGonagall contacts Mrs. Weasley about Ron. Molly said her son a letter in the form of a Howler. The letter yells at Ron in front of everyone in the Great Hall. It congratulates Ginny on getting into Gryffindor. It then rips itself up and burns when it
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Asking Fleur To The Yule Ball
There is nothing worse then embarrassing yourself in front of a person you have a crush on. It is just as terrifying when the words just slip off the tongue when you don’t want them to.

This happened to Ron during the events of Goblet of Fire. It wasn't much a secret that almost every male had a thing for Beaubaxtons TriWizard Tournment competitor, #FleurDelacour. She was beautiful, no doubt.

Ron develops a crush on her and when she walked past him he yelled at her, asking to go to the #YuleBall with him. She, of course, declined.

After the incident in the film, Ron walks into the Gryffindor common. He is flanked by a number of friends. This includes his sister, Ginny. Hermione and Harry rush over to him, asking what happened. Ron explains in a rather dreamy fashion, saying that the words just fell from his mouth. Ginny witnessed what happened. She says that Ron screamed at Fleur. She goes on to say it was frightening.

The trumatised look on his face says it all. It is enough to send anyone into hysterical laughter.

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