3.08 Review and Critical Thinking Essay

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3.08 Review and Critical Thinking

Review Questions

1. Explain the different forms of child abuse? Include Shaken Baby Syndrome in your response. The different forms of child abuse are physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and Shaken Baby Syndrome. Physical abuse is violence directed toward a child by a parent. Emotional abuse is when the victim feels worthless and rejected. Sexual abuse is sexual contact between the child and an adult or even the perpetrator speaks to the child in a sexually explicit way. Neglect is when parents fail to take care of their child’s basic physical, emotional, disciplinary, and educational needs. Shaken Baby Syndrome is a form of child abuse, which occurs with startling
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How do special needs children differ? Within the first year of a child’s life, the child fully develops their senses, forges strong bonds with their caretakers, and builds a sense of curiosity that leads them to observe. During the toddler years, parents will become responsible for disciplining a child as well as providing for their physical and emotional needs. Elementary school children have attained a certain level of self-sufficiency and continue to develop more and more independent. During the teen years, parents should offer guidance and support to their children. Parents of special needs children have all of the responsibilities of other parents and then some. These children may need medical treatments, hospitalizations, and lifestyle modifications. This requires parents to take care of a child’s basic needs long past the age in which most children take on responsibilities themselves. 3. List and explain factors a parent can control that lead to a nurturing environment. Include characteristics of nurturing parents. In a nurturing environment, parents are responsible and actively attentive to their child’s physical and emotional needs. Parents also need to protect their child from harm. The child trusts that their family will take care of them, and the child understands that they are loved. Family members should spend quality time with the child. The child trusts that

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