221 Microsoft Word Shortcuts Essay

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221 Microsoft Word Shortcuts 1 Ctrl + Shift + A
All Caps
Makes the selection all capitals (toggle)

2 Alt + Ctrl + 1
Apply Heading1
Applies Heading 1 style to the selected text

3 Alt + Ctrl + 2
Apply Heading2
Applies Heading 2 style to the selected text

4 Alt + Ctrl + 3
Apply Heading3
Applies Heading 3 style to the selected text

5 Ctrl + Shift + L
Apply List Bullet
Applies List Bullet style to the selected text

6 Alt + F10
App Maximize
Enlarges the application window to full size

7 Alt + F5
App Restore
Restores the application window to normal size

8 Ctrl + B
Makes the selection bold (toggle)

9 Ctrl + Pg Dn
Browse Next
Jump to the next browse object

10 Ctrl +
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An AutoExit macro is usually a better way of intercepting this).

62 NOT Ctrl+N!!
Creates a new document or template (brings up the dialog). Note that: Word pretends that Ctrl+N is assigned to FileNew but it isn't, it's assigned to FileNewDefault You can fix this in Word 2000 by assigning Ctrl+N to the FileNewDialog command. In Word 97 the only way to fix it is to create a macro called FileNew (to do this, press Alt + F8, type "FileNew" without the quotes and Click "Create". The macro will automatically contain the code needed to make it work).

63 Ctrl+N
Creates a new document based on the Normal template.

64 Ctrl+O
Opens an existing document or template

65 Alt F, U
Changes the page setup of the selected sections

66 Ctrl + P
Prints the active document (brings up the dialog)

67 Ctrl+F2
Displays full pages as they will be printed

68 Alt F, I
Shows the properties of the active document

69 Ctrl+S

70 Alt F, A (or F12)
Saves a copy of the document in a separate file (brings up the dialog)

71 Ctrl+Shift+F
Activates the Fonts listbox on the formatting toolbar

72 Ctrl+Shift+P
Activates the Font Size drop-down

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