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  • Nonprofit Motivation Report

    employed as faculty at a college, then nonprofit management skills will also be necessary. The topic of nonprofit management is essential in order to obtain the necessary knowledge and skills to perform these jobs. In regards, to my research agenda, it is centered around the idea of using a biopsychosocial model with individuals, rather than a medical model only. I am still formulating my topic and I am sure over the program it will develop. The research may show the benefits of using the biopsychosocial model and how it can be used for policy and possibly be implemented in facilities. Or I could start a nonprofit agency that goes into facilities to supplement their treatment with a biopsychosocial model program. Either way, nonprofit management knowledge can help with my research. Course Objectives / Process Objectives My course objectives are the following: 1) demonstrate the ability to organize and start a nonprofit company 2) learn how to operate and manage a nonprofit long term 3) learn management skills in order to be an effective leader 4) understand the obstacles of operating a nonprofit 5) learn teamwork skills in order to learn and acquire skills that can be applied in the workplace, as well as school setting. The process objectives or steps for each of the five course objectives listed above are the following: 1) complete group project 2) read information assigned throughout the textbook 3) take notes 4) complete interview…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career In Journalism

    The United Way of West Alabama offered me a job and the opportunity to use my work hours as in. However, due to a lack of communication on their behalf, I had to decline the job and settle for interning. The United Way of West Alabama’s mission statement is “United Way of West Alabama (UWWA) seeks to continually improve the quality of life for area residents by funding effective programs and services throughout the West Alabama community. United Way creates opportunities by focusing on the…

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  • The Meat Packing Industry In Upton Sinclair's The Jungle

    The Lithuanian family found that “The American Dream” was nonexistent and just a way to entice people into thinking that there were jobs, good living conditions, and high wages. Bryant sums up the theme of The Jungle best, “The novel tells the story of a group of Lithuanian immigrants who have been lured to America from their old-world villages with the promise of high wages” (1192-1193). Jurgis eventually begins to see that “The American Dream” is something mock, “…[character] having begun to…

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  • Compare And Contrast Mira And Bharati

    Welcome to America For over the past years many immigrants have come to the United States. They have come here from many parts of the world, and have been a great part of this nation. It is not easy for any of them to leave there traditions, and family behind. In the search for a better life, and most important an American education. For both Mira and Bharati coming to the United States must have been a very difficult choice, but both made the decision to seek new educational avenues. Both Mira…

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  • Natural Born Citizens

    The United States is a nation of immigrants and those who are foreign born and become citizens of the United States should also be given the opportunity to run for presidency. There is a great problem with how the United States handles the qualifications on eligibility to run for president. Prohibiting certain citizens from becoming a president is unjust. This will affect the natural born citizens of the United States and the people who become naturalized citizens. It will affect the natural…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Undocumented Immigrants

    It is often said that undocumented immigrants should not receive a United States of America citizenship, however it has become common to dismiss most of United States citizen are from different countries, which are not Indians that lived in the states from the beginning of time. I assert that undocumented immigrants who are born or naturalized in the United States should receive a citizenship because it is a part of the 14th amendment, which the amendment is documented by the constitution.…

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  • Racial Discrimination Immigrants

    American history, immigration has played a significant role in the creation of our diverse society. Many people of different ethnicities and backgrounds have come over to America in pursue of their dreams. Certain groups come for a change from the abnormality and conflicts that occur in their country. Others arrive in pursuit of a better life in which they believe can benefit them and their families. With the arrival of these immigrants, the country and its current population have to adapt with…

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  • Discrimination In Remember The Titans

    American politician, Hillary Clinton once said, “We are a country where people of all backgrounds, all religions, can make a home. America was built by immigrants” (Clinton). Afterall, the United States was created by immigrants who came in to form their own way of life, and practiced religions they believed in. But, in America today it seems as if people are making stereotypes once they see a specific religious group. Even though, they came from a group of people who helped shape this country…

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  • Analysis Of The American Dream: Dead And Gone

    can’t be attained? Will a dream always be just an idea? The “American Dream” is often seen as a pathway to large homes, expensive cars and lots of money, however, the “American Dream” for Americans has always been defined as an ideal that every United States citizen or resident should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and through taking initiative. Citizens of today however, believe the American Dream is dead and is impossible achieve…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Birthright Citizenship

    There are over 11 million illegal immigrants in America. Many illegal parents have their children over the border allowing them to become American citizens. Citizenship is granted to these kids under the 14th amendment. This is also known as birthright citizenship. People feel strongly about whether this should be allowed or if immigration regulations should be stricter. Many people are supportive of birthright citizenship in the United States, including a highly regarded columnist, Linda…

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