Mira And Bharati's Choices And Ideas To Welcome To America

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Welcome to America

For over the past years many immigrants have come to the United States. They have come here from many parts of the world, and have been a great part of this nation. It is not easy for any of them to leave there traditions, and family behind. In the search for a better life, and most important an American education. For both Mira and Bharati coming to the United States must have been a very difficult choice, but both made the decision to seek new educational avenues. Both Mira and Bharati, had a plan to return home to their native country once there education was complete. Bharati believed that her sisters dreams where equally the same as hers, but she was wrong (Mukherjee 404). Unfortunately, destiny had its own plans,
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She seemed to have her mind set, since the time she left India. Initially, Bharati wanted to earn an American education, and return home to marry the groom of her father choice.” We would endure our two years in America, secure our degrees then return to India to marry the grooms of our fathers choosing” (Mukherjee 404). Things did not play out for her the way she wanted them to. Instead, Bharati married an American man, and became a U.S citizen “I married a fellow student, an American of Canadian parentage” (Mukherjee 405). Bharati must have known what it would mean to renounce too many years of tradition, but that did not matter to her at the time. She was ready to become an American, since the day she accepted to marry a U.S citizen. She must have known from the beginning what she would be getting herself into. That of course did not matter to her, and she was ready to face the blame that came with marrying outside her culture. “I was prepared for and even welcomed the emotional strain that came with marrying outside my ethnic community” (Mukherjee 405). Bharati, wanted to renounce to her Indian citizenship. Maybe deep inside all along Bharati plans were to become an American Citizen, and live in America.” America spoke to me and I married it “(Mukherjee 406). Bharati was changed by America, and her sister Mira was …show more content…
No one person is ever equal, or have the same values. It must have been easy for Bharati to renounce to her traditions, and to adapt to a new set of rules that came with becoming an American citizen. It also must have been much easier for Bharati to become a US Citizen, then it was for Mira. Bharati married a US citizen, and this made her immigration process much simpler. “I by passed labor certification requirements and the race related quota system that favored the applicant’s country of origin over his or her merit” (Mukherjee 405). On the other hand, this was much different for Mira, who married an Indian man. From the beginning Mira and Bharati were different, and neither made the wrong choice. They both did what was best for them, or what they though was best. They both stand for what they believe, and in the long run the only thing that Mira and Bharati share is there sisterly

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