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  • What Is The Difference Between Macbeth And Jack In Lord Of The Flies

    Macbeth is the main character in Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth” which was published in 1606. At the beginning three witches announce that he will become king which makes him do everything he can to make the prophecy true. Once he started killing the king he can’t stop killing people anymore. Jack is one of the main characters in the novel “Lord of the Flies”, written by William Golding. It is about a group of boys who are stranded on an island, They elect a leader, Ralph, who keeps the order…

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  • Morgan Le Fay Character Analysis

    personality to fit the author's vision of who she should be. Morgan is a complex legend and that is exactly why Hebert claims that to limit her as either a witch or a goddess would be undermining who she is. Her wide range of behaviour is what makes her a three-dimensional myth, and it makes her more relatable to the reader of the stories. Because she is from Celtic origins, her complexity should be expected, as Celtic culture embraced versatility and opposition.…

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  • Language In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

    ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is an amourous tragedy written by William Shakespeare. The written date of this play can be dated to 1595. Written during The Renaissance period, soon after the deadly plague, this event is reflected on Shakespeare’s choice of language throughout. This woeful play tells the tale of two lovestruck adolescents, Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet, which takes a fatal turn towards their devastating end. The loss of the children was the only thing which could bring together the…

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  • Character Analysis: The Haunting Of Hill House

    In William Shakespeare's play, Henry VI, Part 1, he wrote, “Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind” (Henry VI, Part 1, William Shakespeare). While originally describing the suspicions of an imprisoned king, the meaning of this quote has adapted and can be applied to many situations in storytelling today. In The Haunting of Hill House, Eleanor’s mind is heavy with the guilt of her past, and leads her to suspicion and paranoia. Eleanor is a broken woman, brought up in a dysfunctional family and…

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  • Was Macbeth Responsible For His Own Downfall Analysis

    play, Macbeth goes through a series of unnatural events leading him to become responsible for his own downfall at some points, which is why I don’t fully agree that Macbeth was responsible for his own downfall. In this essay I will talk about the three reasons that may have led him to this point. The following reasons are the evil and sinful behaviour, the temptation and greed brought on by his wife and the witches which links back to the witches’ prophecies and Lady Macbeth’s temptations…

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  • Theme Of Love In Plato's Symposium

    In both life and literature, love exists as a hidden force that secretly drives all lives, propelling people's greatest desires and pushing them to extreme lengths if it means that they will get what they want. Love, in whatever form it comes in, will make people crazy. In fact, it will make them so crazy that centuries after a work has been written, students analyze the insanity behind the actions and the all powerful drive — love— that caused it. In Plato's Symposium, characters examine not…

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  • Macbeth As A Tragic Hero Analysis

    Praewpetch Unakul Miss Farrah Collette IB English A Language and Literature Standard Level Year 2 14 November 2015 Macbeth as A Tragic Hero “Hear it not, Duncan, for it is a knell that summons thee to heaven or to hell.” - Macbeth (2.1.63-64) Many of Shakespeare’s works are considered as ‘Shakespearean Tragedy” with the protagonists as ‘Tragic Hero’. A character is a prominent noble defected in some way and the flaw causes his downfall. After the punishment of his own action, he comes to…

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  • The Role Of Madness In Macbeth

    to see the qualities of a tragic hero. For example, madness can be described as an internal and tragic characteristic of Macbeth. This plays a significant factor in the decline and downfall of Macbeth because of his fate and his own mistakes. The three factors which draw out Macbeth's internal flaw of madness are his fate which was foretold by the witches, how Lady Macbeth manipulates Macbeth and Macbeth's own ambition. To start off it is shown that Macbeth starts to take actions to promote his…

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  • The Role Of Shakespeare In The Odyssey

    Like many of the works of literature that have been published so far, Shakespeare’s plays and poems have references to real-life monarchs, events in his life, works of art, or to classical and Greek mythologies. One example is The Third Part of Henry the Sixth, a history play that depicts the horrors left by the Wars of the Roses and the moral chaos in which England succumbed after the conflict. In Act 3, Scene 3, the character of Gloucester mentions the powers of a mermaid and basilisk, which…

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  • Analysis Of The Outsider In Othello

    ANALYSIS OF OTHELLO FROM OUTSIDER STANDPOINT IN THE COGNOMINAL PLAY BY SHAKESPEARE As much as any character, Othello exemplifies how polarizing reactions to an outsider can be in Shakespeare, with the play`s great interest-and indeed Othello was from the beginning one of the most frequently performed and written about-resulting from strong and often opposite emotions. Critics have focused on his blackness or, recently, his condition as a Moor , and the particular associations of these…

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