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  • Honduras Essay

    Culture Though Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Latin America and has the highest murder rate in the world, the culture as a whole adopts a laid-back style and has a distinct cultural flavor (CIA World Factbook). Some of the culture of Honduras is found in its Mayan roots, where temples in Tegucigalpa provide a glimpse into the historic past. In terms of common food, tortillas, beans, corn and rice are eaten every day. During lunch time, many businesses close so that a siesta can be taken, this break during the day correlates to the femininity assignment of the country as personal well-being is worth more than profits. Some other aspects of culture that Hondurans hold in high regard are soccer and the discussion of politics, which…

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  • Globalization: Inequality In Developing And Post-Communist Countries

    interaction within the countries over the world and the integration of economics and societies in order to exploit the global economy (Scholte, 2005). Globalization contributed towards increasing and decreasing poverty and inequality in developing and post-communist countries. There are affirmative and negative effects for those countries which are able to attract foreign investors and foreign capital throughout globalization (Robertson, 1992). Economic globalization may provide the…

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  • Natural Resources Essay

    strongly believe that the world should be more concern and preserve our natural resources, otherwise, we would have no food left to feed our hungry stomach and no fuel to transport and travel. As a result, there would be no one left in this planet we so called it “home.” As the population booming to the extreme, the demand for food also…

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  • The Relationship Between God And God

    Knowing everything, but still talking and listening to his children, the creator of the universe knows everything before it happens, but somehow still manages to develop a relationship with his children. Everyday thousands of Christians bring their trouble and problems to God, and he always stands ready with his arms open ready to forgive and love. Instead of ruling over the world like his people are his slaves, he talks and loves each one, for example in Romans 5:8 it says, “But God shows his…

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  • Francis Fukuyama's The End Of History: Historical Analysis

    Even though we have an increased need for global governance, we still need actors to solve problems. We can guess the future based off the events of history and how we know the world works. To begin with, Francis Fukuyama’s idea presented in “The End of History?” provides many flaws.…

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  • What Is The Most Magical Place In The World

    around. Being in so many libraries throughout the world, I can honestly say that they are some of the most magical places in the world. Windows wind up the walls as well, there was not a torch or lamp anywhere, the light is all natural and completely beautiful coming through the stained glass designs. In the center of the room stands Daichi and Anika along with Shun, looking…

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  • Importance Of Sacrifice In Cormac Mccarthy's The Road

    The Importance of Sacrifice in The Road Cormac McCarthy’s The Road portrays a post-apocalyptic world containing nothing but the distinct loss of morality and desperate attempts to survive. In this cruel world, while most become bestial and corrupt, a father and his son struggle to find ways to stay alive while simultaneously keeping hope alive and staying humane in their ways. The sacrifices made by the man strengthen his relationship with his son and help maintain the only thing they have…

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  • Book Report: A Long Walk To Water

    As my Mathematics professor always says, “Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person.” For some people who live in the third world countries such as Ethiopia and Sudan, even a few dollars or a cup of water is a great help. However, in today’s society, most people only care about themselves and forget to think of others in need. Less and less people are willing to help others. Moreover, some people once accepted help, but they forget that…

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  • Lord Of The Flies Vs War Analysis

    history of conflict stretches as far back as the beginning of humanity and can be observed in many authors writing. It is known that conflict is spread around the world and through time, as man has progressed through time. For example in the 8th century when an Anglo-Saxon recorded…

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  • Comparing Good Morrow And Cavendish's The Blazing World

    As time has progressed forward, the distinction between human senses and reality became clearer. John Donne’s Good Morrow, as well as Margaret Cavendish’s book, The Blazing World, both, discuss nature through battles between reality and the wild perceptions of humans. The Good Morrow demonstrates the human perception of the world through the imaginary telescope of love and sex. The Blazing World demonstrates the struggle to revolutionize scientific methods with particularly the invention of a…

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