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One of the most wanted careers in the world today is acting. Not many have the skill and drive to achieve successful career in that department. Many desire the job for the fame and money, but some love it for the pure joy of performing. There are many appealing aspects of the job such as flexible work hours, recognition by the public, and the salary if you become big. One has to be able to take the dedicated time it takes to perfect the craft. Even though natural talent is something that is usually involved, and can be very helpful. There is many ways that an amateur can become a master, and become successful.
To become a successful actor there is one thing must require persistence. Almost weekly actors are turned down for their parts that
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Perseverance for all the jobs you go in for to maybe get turned down, but still being able to keep going to get what you want. After all of the judging that comes from the director on your acing and fellow actors. The confidence to get up in front of people every day and become a new person and have no shyness to do what the director tells you. To still believe in yourself after all the credits have judged your performance. The flexibility to be able to work in all kinds of environments that the role requires, or the emotional exhaustion. To make it in the acting world one must have a thick skin.
Although schooling for actors isn’t required some training is recommended. “Many actors enhance their skills through formal dramatic education. Many who specialize in theater have bachelor’s degrees, although a degree is not required.” Cite A states. Although some people make it in acting the acting world without an education in the arts, most have some formal preparation through a university, theater program, or workshop. Many people take college classes in drama to ready themselves for a career as an actor. Classes in dance or music may help as well. Many parts can request that

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