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  • Wounded Warrior Project Research Paper

    Justin Dilks Professor Duinink LAS 110 1 October 2014 Wounded Warrior Project 9/11 was one of the most pivotal moments in U.S. history. History shows that when somebody threatens the liberty and freedom of the United States, the people come together. Historical events such as the Pearl Harbor and the Boston Massacre are examples of Americans coming together to defend what is rightfully theirs. 9/11 was one of these uniting moments in U.S. history. U.S. military enlistment increased drastically after the events of 9/11. People all across America were showing off their patriotism by hanging American flags from their houses and car antenna’s. Because of the events of 9/11 the Wounded Warrior project was born. Wounded Warrior Project provides…

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  • Wounded Knee Massacre Essay

    One of the most regretful and saddest battles in american and indian history is the Wounded knee massacre, Wounded Knee was the last battle that killed the last indian tribe. On the morning of December 29,1890, on wounded knee creek near the Pine Ridge agency, the Seventh Cavalry of the U.S Army opened fire on the encampment of a band of miniconjou and sioux indians. The beginning of this battle started when the american military forced the indians to live like and live with white men, the…

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  • Massacre At Wounded Knee Massacre

    Sioux Indians at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. According to eyewitness to history, Massacre at Wounded Knee, 1890, the Cavalry’s mission was to arrest the Miniconjou Lakota’s chief, Big Foot, and disarm his warriors, because of their involvement in the Ghost Dance Movement. The conflict quickly arose, as a result of the tension that had been building up between the two sides for the past few months. During a search for weapons among the Sioux people, one shot was fired,…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Battle Of Antietam Creek

    I cannot believe how many soldiers have come in from the battlefield. I think at this point it must be on the upwards of 5,000 soldiers with casualties. The battle of Antietam Creek sure is a bloody one. What a shame. My care to the wounded can only go so far. Amputation after amputation it only gets harder and harder to see the intense pain they go through. One soldier came in with a bullet wound above the elbow. He asked me, already knowing the answer, “What can you do to save it” All I could…

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  • Ambrose Bierce's Chickamaug The Reality Of War

    understands enough to create a crude wooden sword. The young boy continues on his way and comes across a band of soldiers, wounded from the battle they had just fought. He begins to play pretend with them and even acts as their military leader. Failing to see the murderous reality which takes place right in front of him, the boy continues to play pretend. The grotesque, disembodied men do not scare the boy, because the boy can change the reality with his imagination. This imagined reality can be…

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  • How To Train Your Dragon Analysis

    In this paper, I compare two scenes from How to Train Your Dragon and argue that they reveal the difficulty yet the importance of foregoing one’s prejudices and accepting others based off their true self’s. The two scenes I chose are Hiccups discovery of the wounded dragon and Hiccup’s first light. I chose these scenes because their soundtracks illuminate the movie’s theme through the reflection of internal conflicts acoustically in orchestral arrangements, cues that highlight each character’s…

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  • The Red Badge By Stephen Crane: A Short Analysis

    Henry becomes wounded when he sees soldiers retreating, and tries to stop one to ask what’s going on. Because the soldier only wants to leave he hits Henry over the head with his rifle. Next he’s befriended by a cheery solider who will return him to his regiment. Of course Henry is worried about what his comrades will say when he returns. However, because of his injury they assume Henry was hurt in battle, and start taking care of him. Now that we’ve been given a brief summary of The Red Badge…

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  • Things Fall Apart Dialectical Journal

    When Paul caught sight of the young recruit, Paul was extremely comforting and understanding. He made sure that the helmet was on the young lad’s head for protection and away from any fragments of the bombs. Paul continuously reassures the young man and explains how it is normal to feel afraid. As well, Paul allowed the young recruit to hide beneath his arm and Paul consoled him. With this, the young man was relieved. The gestures that Paul displayed shows that he is a compassionate young…

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  • Personal Narrative: An Angel's Story

    deployed over seas. The next program is just for those soldiers that are wounded. In this program Soldiers’ Angels volunteers their time and helps out at medical centers that hold the wounded. The last program is for the families, and in this program they provide love and support to the family of soldiers. (Source…

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  • The Wounded Knee Massacre

    Wounded knee is located on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. South Dakota is home to the Sioux tribe and many of its counterparts including the Oglala, Rosebud, and the Yankton Sioux tribes. Wounded Knee, named after a creek on the reservation, was remembered as a place of much resentment, betrayal, of “the white man’s lies and promises,” and of lost hope because of the massacre that took place there in 1890. Eighty-three years later this same site would host a more controversial…

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