The Tudors

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  • Catherine The Great: Catherine's Rise To Power

    In Russian history there were three great Tsars: Vladimir the Great, Peter the Great, and Catherine the Great. Only one of these greats is a female, making Catherine’s rise to greatness even greater. Catherine was born Sophie Friederike Auguste of Anhalt-Zerbst in the Baltic port of Stettin, Pomerania on May 2, 1729 (Rounding, 7). She was the daughter of a minor Prussian (Germanic) prince, Prince Christian August of Anhalt-Zerbst (Lichman, Corey). As a child, Sophie received little affection…

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  • How Did Queen Elizabeth Have A Misfortune Childhood

    Queen Elizabeth the First was born on September seventh of 1533 at Greenwich Palace. She was the daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, King Henry’s second wife. King Henry was disappointed that Elizabeth was born due to the fact that he wanted a son and already had a daughter, Mary. As a result Elizabeth had a misfortune childhood. Anne could not give the King a son so he had her executed. Henry's marriage to Anne was declared null and void and Elizabeth was declared illegitimate and…

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  • Chivalric Imagery In Peter C. Herman's Henry IV

    Peter C. Herman who has a PHD in English and comparative literature, starts off his essay by explaining the transition of the power from Henry VII to Henry VIII. Herman, as described throughout his essay to the readers, describes Henry VIII implementation of chivalric imagery to be a successful king over his father’s idea of leaving the court the same. I agree with Herman’s suggestion, that Henry VIII implementing of Chivalric Imagery is what made him a better king than his father as ill discuss…

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  • Medusa Carol Ann Duffy Analysis

    On one hand, we have the poem ‘Medusa’ by Carol Ann Duffy, in a dramatic monologue based on a mythical creature, Medusa, whose insecurity and jealousy leads her to believe that her husband is cheating on her. Consequently, she turns into a gorgon who turns anything she looks at to stone. On the other hand ,we have ‘Les Grandes Seigneurs’ by Dorothy Molloy which is about an aggrandized woman’s romantic relationship with men there to entertain her and to support her self-aggrandizement. However,…

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  • Mary Stuart Research Paper

    Mary Stuart, who was well known as Mary, Queen of Scots, was born in Linlithgow Palace, West Lothian, Scotland on December 8, 1542. Mary was the daughter of Mary of Guise and King James V of Scotland. Mary of Guise was King James V’s second wife. When Mary Stuart’s father passed she became Mary, Queen of Scots. She was only six days old when she became Queen. Because Mary was so young, Mary’s uncle, Henry VIII tried to take control of power. Mary of Guise was the one to act as regent on for her…

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  • Comparing Wu Zetian And Cleopatra

    Comparing Ancient Female Rulers, WuZetian and Cleopatra in terms of their situation and ascent to power, their methods of rule, and their achievements and resourcefulness had similarities but were very different. Even their culture had several similarities and differences between them. They each taught us lessons about different types of effective leadership by a female in the world of modern business and / or modern politics. In the ancient times it was easy to compare the ways in which Tang…

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  • Role Of Sex In King Henry Viii

    In what ways is sex used by Anne and Henry as a weapon in this set of historical events? During the beginning of Henry VIII reign England was recognized as a Catholic nation with ties that gave tremendous amount of authority to the Pope of Rome, however, Henry VIII abolished those ties and consequently changed the whole country religious foundation for the sole reason that his sexual desires or quest for a male heir conflicted with the Pope. Henry VIII was displeased with his 20 years of…

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  • Compare And Contrast Empress Theodora And Elizabeth 1

    “Empress Theodora.” and “Elizabeth I.” Essay In the informational articles entitled “Empress Theodora” and “Elizabeth I” The World Almanac and Milton Meltzer discusses that both articles show that Queen Elizabeth and Empress Theodora both impacted their respective kingdoms by making many changes that improved women’s status and that made everyone equal. Their rules still apply to many countries today. The two women are considered a great importance during their time. Elizabeth and Theodora…

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  • A Short Story Of Saint Quiteria's Story

    Saint Quiteria Saint Quiteria was born in the 5th century in northern Portugal. There are different stories about her life. Both stories are very different from the other. Both stories tell about how Saint Quiteria survived hardship to fight for her Christian beliefs. One story tells about how she was killed and rose again. The other story tells about how she fought for Christianity. One story about Saint Quiteria says that she was the daughter of a prince in Portugal. When she was old…

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  • Tudor Queen Elizabeth's Domestic Authority Essay

    subject to the same kind of domestic authority that was held over other early modern women. Returning to the inference of Gouge’s original quote, the household and the state were seen as parallel to each other, in both importance and hierarchy. Both Tudor queens faced the struggle of marriage throughout their time on the throne, and the political crisis that surrounded it is another identifier of the strict monopoly men had on domestic authority. The crisis that surrounded Mary’s marriage had…

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