The Breakfast Club

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  • Analysis: The Breakfast Club

    The Breakfast Club Saturday Detention group was observed through viewing the movie The Breakfast Club. The group was confined to the school library together for about eight hours. After realizing there is not an alternative to interacting with each other, members form a cohesive group focusing on similarities. The Breakfast Club is a classic and depicts many facets of group therapy in a short period of time, which made it a good choice for observation. Group Composition and Diversity Group Type The Breakfast Club is a task group, defined as a group in which a specific task is to be accomplished (Jacobs, Schimmel, Masson, Harvill, 2016). Task groups often meet once, concluding after task completion, which coincides with The Breakfast Club, whose…

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  • Cliques In The Breakfast Club

    detention, is even tougher! Yet five students, from different walks of life do just this, in one of the most iconic movie of the ‘80s. Directed by John Hughes, The Breakfast Club, is a film that follows the events of five teenagers serving their time -and shenanigans- in detention, while lifelong friendships are made by the simple act of understanding and relation. In the opening of the movie, the teenagers quickly group together based on what they know: the ‘popular’ and ‘athletic’ together,…

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  • Humor In The Breakfast Club

    “I don’t think of kids as a lower form of the human species.”-John Hughes. The films of the late John Hughes culminated the influence of a generation in comedy, while marking an advent of cinematic ingenuity during the 1980’s. Selling jokes and working in the offices of National Lampoon Magazine, Hughes arrived on-screen in his early 30’s. Ushering in a series of teen hits such as, Sixteen Candles (1984), The Breakfast Club (1985), Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986), and Pretty in Pink (1986),…

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  • The Breakfast Club Analysis

    The movie The Breakfast Club may be just a film to some but to sociologists it can be looked at from interesting perspectives. Three main ones stand out specifically: Functionalism, Symbolic Interactionism, and Conflict Theory. Functionalism looks at the different parts of society and how they all depend on each other to make a society work. Next is Symbolic Interactionism, which focuses on how symbols and words shape people into who they are and how they depending on their interpretation on…

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  • Social Barriers In The Breakfast Club

    We all have our favorite movies. We chose them because maybe we can relate to the plot on a personal level, or they take us to a different world on an adventure for a while. In The Breakfast Club, the director John Hughes uses music, dialogue and backstory to bring out the similarities the kids have behind social barriers because he wants people watching to see how no matter how different people seem, we may have more in common than meets the eye. Music plays a big role throughout this classic…

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  • Breakfast Club Stereotypes

    The Breakfast Club This movie is about a day of Saturday detention and group of teenagers fitting in your typical high school stereotypes. It was brilliantly written with teenagers in mind. They could identify with each character and their portrayed stereo type. They all had at least one thing in common and that was that they didn’t get along with their parents. This is realistic for who really got or gets along with their parents in high school. You are in the process of finding yourself and…

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  • Interpersonal Communication In The Breakfast Club

    John Hughes wrote and directed the cult-like movie which is set in the 1980s called the Breakfast Club. The movie is about high school students that all do something wrong during school and end up in a day-long Saturday detention with an extremely strict principal that has them work towards a single goal. Throughout the movie the interaction among the different characters is very interesting and eye opening about how people can learn to get along and to communicate, The diversity of the group,…

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  • The Breakfast Club Suburban School

    Suburban School Films- The Breakfast Club Intro For my film analysis paper, I chose The Breakfast Club, which is a suburban school genre of film. This movie was filmed in 1984, and in theatres by 1985. This movie was directed, written, and produced by John Hughes, who is responsible for many 80’s movies, such as Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and 16 Candles. This movie is about five high school teenagers, from different social ranks, who stay at school to serve Saturday detention.…

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  • Analysis Of The Film The Breakfast Club

    The Breakfast Club is that movie we watched about week ago. There was five different main characters in the film, three of which where guys, and two girls. The film took place in a high school, on a Saturday. Each of the characters did something that got them into trouble except one, the weird girl said she had nothing better to do and later she was the one how found out that she was a princes. So through-out the movie you get to know them and some of their characteristics. The character I…

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  • The Breakfast Club Movie Analysis

    The Breakfast Club is a well-known 1980’s movie directed by John Hughes. It follows five teenagers who end up in detention on Saturday due to their actions during the school week. Each of these teenagers come from a different social group and immediately judge one another but after getting to know one another they realize that they are more similar than they first thought. Each character in this film commits deviant behaviors. A deviant behavior is a behavior that/…. Andrew Clark is a…

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