The Art of War

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  • My Reveries Upon The Art Of War Analysis

    In My Reveries upon the Art of War, Maurice de Saxe argues that military commanders must understand the fundamentals of warfare before pursuing innovation. The greatest lesson that De Saxe’s text reveals is that human nature can be controlled through discipline. This is apparent when examining how human nature differs from military culture and by considering how the military uses discipline to control human nature. Adhering to the military culture is not ordinary to the nature of human beings.…

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  • Twentieth Century Art Analysis

    Hitler” 31). Media and arts were used to show people who the “bad guys” were and who to side with. Artist’s used their art to express how they felt about politics by making fun of the leaders they didn’t like, such as the infamous Adolf Hitler (“Donald Versus Hitler 33). They used propaganda and eventually their opinionated art works caused new art to form. Politics affecting art movements during and post World War II was very important because new art movements, such as popular art, came out of…

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  • Propaganda's Influence On European Culture

    Throughout the 1900’s, the developments of the arts were profoundly impacted by the current social, political, and economic affairs of European life. At a time shaped so much by desperation and the loss of faith, artists and writers reflected their innermost emotions and personal struggles through creative outlets. After the devastation of a war, the transition from an optimistic, vibrant life to dismal feelings seemed to essentially shape the progress of European culture. Particularly, in the…

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  • Cause And Effect Of World War 1

    World War I has affected the world in countless ways, and it is still stirring the world today. After a devastating war that shook the world, many things changed. The world would never be the same after this dramatic occurrence. The geography of Europe would never be the same as it was before. Countries and great empires were broken. Art would never be the same either. There would be conflicts that are still going on today, and people that are still holding grudges. World War 1 was one of the…

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  • Modernist Art Movement

    problems that occurred during War World I and has left a legacy and impact on our Modern society. Due to the influential change that the movement of modernist…

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  • Vreek Relationship In Maus

    Maus, a graphic novel, written and illustrated by Art Spiegelman has been created to showcase what the Jews experienced throughout the Holocaust. But the novel is not simply a story of surviving the war, but a recollection of how the impacts affected the people involved and generations after them. This is shown through Vladek emotionally not surviving the Holocaust, how generations after still feel the impact and through Vladeks relationship with Mala. Vladek was able to physically survive the…

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  • Analysis Of Josephine Withers's Paper No More War

    Art became a political statement (and a way of protest) in a way to share their opinions about the war (WWI and WWII). While millions of young men were killed in battle, the ideas of traditional Western art had changed. Artist such as George Grosz, Miné Okubo, Otto Dix, and Käthe Kollwitz reshaped art perception, and forever changed the perception of who we view war. Though, WWII had a bigger effect in the world, WWI’s classical dispute of the modern-day, not only politically but culturally as…

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  • 19th Century American Culture

    A1. Identify and briefly describe the art object relationship to its culture and time period within three (3) or more well considered paragraphs. Introduction and Ideology: The 19th century was an era in American history notoriously known for being the time in which the Civil War broke out between the Confederate Army and the Union Army due to an attack that took place in Fort Sumter after the Confederate soldiers besieged the Union soldiers. At the time, America was essentially divided between…

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  • Surrealism In The 20th Century

    Surrealism and Art in the 20th century: An Exploration of its effects on the art Since the 20th century was mostly dominated by enormous wars, such as the most popular First World War and Second World War and the outbreak of several civils wars, it is nothing but a normal aspect of the effects of war to have major reformations in several aspects of society. Influenced by the powerful Sigmund Freud, several artists and scholars at the time began to use their unconsciousness and imagination to…

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  • Marcel Duchamp Analysis

    some of the most memorable and influential works of the time. Duchamp’s art works were produced during the Dada movement; a time that developed as a protest to the War. The war fought between July 28, 1914, and November 11, 1918, was known at the time as the Great War, the War to End War, and (in the United States) the European War. Its casualty totals were unprecedented, soaring into the millions. (HistoryNet) Due to this war, a number of artists, writers and intellectuals notably of…

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