The Art of War

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  • Julian Falat

    Repatriation and the Arts During WWII Art repatriation is the return of art or cultural objects back to their countries of origin, or their former owners. In the art world, repatriation has become a very common occurrence; in particular when it comes to art from the past century. Looted art was a very common theme during both World War I and World War II. Art was often times taken on purpose, but sometimes even by accident. As previously stated, art was often wrongfully taken, or looted,…

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  • Pottery Art In Vietnam

    Vietnamese Art In ancient Vietnam, art was more than something pretty to look at, it was a part of everyday life. Pottery from as early as 8,000 BC has been found in recent archeological dig sites in Bac Son, Vietnam (“History of…”). The pottery found was most likely used for cooking or holding water. Pots and jars did not have a lot of design, mostly geometrical patterns from the woven patterns used to make the jars. Around 2,000 years later, people began using bronze in their pottery.…

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  • Looted Art By Hector Feliciano: Article Analysis

    Looted Art It is because of the looting, we have lost thousands of art pieces and possibly never learned about artists that have existed. I chose this article because it shows how looting has been an ongoing problem almost from ever since the beginning of art. This article explains that almost every country when it would acquire new lands and conquer other countries would take over their art and make it their own. This way it would bring more wealth to the nation that is taking over. But not…

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  • De Stijl Research Paper

    clean, organised, minimalist approaches of De Stijl a reaction against the blood, filth, destruction and chaos of war?” De Stijl, also called “Neoplasticism” was a Dutch art movement that occurred during the start of the 20th century. Translated into English, “De Stijl” means “The Style”. It was considered a social and a political movement due to its time, the era of the first world war. It began with Theo Van Doesburg and after meeting Piet Mondrian bonded over their love and passion for…

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  • Art Therapy

    Art therapy and Veterans Combat is an event unlike any other, it causes an extreme amount of stress over and over again. About 30% of men leaving war zones will develop post traumatic stress disorder(PTSD) (Coolie). “ In war, there are no unwounded soldiers.” José Narosky said this in a speech he gave on veterans day in 2010. He was right, men not left with physical injuries from the war are left with mental scars that will not be quick to heal. Art therapy can help them to work though the…

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  • Leo Tolstoy: A Literary Analysis

    race by another. Repercussion of mass murder embodies a different toll on humanity that lasts decades afterwards. In literature there are excessive amount of books about the great tragedy of the 20th century— The World War II Holocaust. Fetal tragedy puts a distance among relatives;…

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  • Vladek Spiegelman Character Analysis

    Vladek’s Personality Before and After the War The Graphic Novel Maus A survivor’s Tale by Art Spiegelman is about Art’s father Vladek Spiegelman’s real story as a survivor from Holocaust. Vladek Spiegelman is a complex character that faces many challenges and tragedies through life. His survival of Holocaust is a major event in his life. The Holocaust began when Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933. During holocaust, about 6 millions of Jews were killed, about two-third of Jews in…

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  • Guerilla Girls Feminism Analysis

    The idea of the female, both in form and in psyche, has been debated as long as art has been produced. Two particular examples of artists and their representation of the female stand out and allow for a greater comparison: The Guerrilla Girls and Howard Chandler Christy’s ‘Christy’s Girls’. To a certain extent, both artists focus on the duality of women, however, The Guerilla Girls focus on the psyche and the actuality of the woman whereas ‘Christy’s Girls’ represented the form of the woman and…

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  • Film Analysis: The Rape Of Europa

    never knew art was such an important part of the Second World War, and I was interested in learning the role art played in World War II. The Rape of Europa explores the systematic purging of art different art that was deemed unworthy or degenerate by the Hitler and the German officials, and also the looting of art the Germans deemed worthy from the countries they occupied. It also shows Hitler’s love and even obsession for art and his persistence of the German officials to participate in art…

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  • Propaganda Art

    Lesson: Propaganda Art of WWII Grade Level: Fourth Grade Unit: How does History Affect Art? In this unit, students will look at how what was happening at a specific point affected the art of that time. There are two lessons in this unit: 1. Propaganda Art of WWII, and 2. Art of the Great Depression. Objectives: By the conclusion of this lesson, all students will be able to: 1.) Discuss the propaganda art of WWII and will be able to explain its purpose and how it spread orally [art history]. …

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