The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

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  • Benjamin Franklin's The Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin

    What are the chances that a young 17 year-old boy who ran away from home, would have accomplished great success and became one of the greatest writers of his time? That’s exactly what Benjamin did in his The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. He teaches us some of his own methods of being successful and becoming rich. Not only does he show us that money and success is important, he also taught us that there is more to life like helping people and his country. Not only did he became wealthy, he had a huge part in shaping this great country we live in today. When Benjamin ran away from home, he barely had any money, which is a brave move. The only thing he had was his talent in printing skills, and motivation to work. He loved to read and…

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  • The Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin

    The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is both Franklin's chief literary work and a vital historical document. The document was written by Benjamin Franklin, who is believed to be one of United States' founding fathers. He was a civic activist, printer, Politician, political theorist, scientist, diplomat, statesman, postmaster, and inventor. Remarkably, this was the first document to achieve widespread prominence and still after more than two hundred years…

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  • Summary: The Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin, a well rounded American adept in many fields, once said, “either write something worth reading or do something worth writing” (Benjamin). Although this quote presents a false dilemma, Franklin chose a third option in which he did something worth writing and then wrote about it in his autobiography. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin by Benjamin Franklin is a different beast in its literature. Unlike most books, and possibly most autobiographies as well, Franklin’s…

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  • Analysis: The Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin

    some dare to say what is “perfect” person deemed by society is the ultimate goal. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin provides an insight on Franklin’s inventions, writings, and practices that molded him to the perfect American man. Although Franklin was a tremendous intellectual he was unlike any other human being he was gifted at birth, therefore, during his autobiography it was hard to relate to his story while he preaches to the “normal” citizens. In the autobiography, Benjamin Franklin…

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  • Life Lessons In The Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin had a profound effect on his community, the city of Philadelphia, our nation and people all over the world. He is often believed to be one of the most prolific authors and contributors early to American literature. His idealistic views, wisdom and leadership approach are unmatched. Moreover, many life lessons can be learned from studying The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. Always surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who will propel you to greatness:…

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  • Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin Rhetorical Analysis

    In a lifetime, there are things that people all strive to be good or perfect at: school, jobs, relationships, etc.…There is always something in lives that people wish to be better at, so people take certain measures to improve at life: study more, put in extra hours at the job, see a counselor, or practice harder. In “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin” by Benjamin Franklin, he sets out to devise a plan of self-examination, resulting in self-correction. Trying to achieve moral perfection,…

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  • The American Dream In The Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin

    In The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Franklin writes about how he achieved the American Dream. Frederick Douglass also wrote about how he achieved his American Dream in the book The Narrative of Frederick Douglass. Some doubt that Frederick Douglass actually lived the American Dream since he did not achieve great fame like Benjamin Franklin, however,…

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  • Analysis Of Winston Churchill's The Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin

    It is stated by Winston Churchill that the “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue on that counts”. Like Winston Churchill who believes in that success is not permanent nor failure is not fatal, Benjamin Franklin was a strong believer in virtues which would help influence his own identity as a person. In The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Franklin goes into detail on how certain virtues can help shape the identity of the individual, the purpose of this…

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  • Walking Across Egypt And Beauty And The Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin

    Boy who cried wolf, Beauty in the Beast, Fault in our stars, Walking across Egypt declaration of Independence and autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Even though they are not the same genre they have all impacted American Literature. People may think that children like stories and young adult stories such as Walking Across Egypt and Beauty and the Beast do not impact or relate to American Literature,but they do.In fact the moral provided through these stories such as honesty is the best policy…

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  • Benjamin Franklin's Virtue Analysis

    Most people imagine spending their “perfect” day by relaxing next to a stunning view with family and friends while enjoying their favorite hobbies. Rarely, does one think of a “perfect” day as one filled with hard work, but is relaxing really more satisfying than hard work? In order to find out the answer, I decided to experiment. In Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography, The Autobiography and Other Writings, Franklin created a virtue experiment so that he could form a habit of being virtuous. His…

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