Analysis: The Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin

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Everyday people strive to be a better person than they were yesterday and some dare to say what is “perfect” person deemed by society is the ultimate goal. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin provides an insight on Franklin’s inventions, writings, and practices that molded him to the perfect American man. Although Franklin was a tremendous intellectual he was unlike any other human being he was gifted at birth, therefore, during his autobiography it was hard to relate to his story while he preaches to the “normal” citizens. In the autobiography, Benjamin Franklin conveys a list of virtues that he seemed to believe that the public should adopt and eventually live through effortlessly. Franklin was always gifted with determination, leadership …show more content…
However, Franklin was not trained he was born to be intelligent and success and learned through his life. The morals that Franklin grew up with created the person that he is today and that all virtues fall into the idea of being self-aware. These morals he listed were not admitting his faults like his thirteen virtues but, they were his foundation to being self-aware, “I grew up that truth, sincerity, and integrity in dealings between man and man were of the utmost importance to the felicity of life” (Franklin, 44). Franklin seems these as his principles and morals that should replace the thirteen commandments. The three morals were a milestone that thrived Franklin to a successful life and consistent in his practice. Franklin expressed his connection between self-aware and his actions when he stated, “Before I enter upon my public appearance in business, it may be well to let you know the then state of my mind with regard to my principles and morals that you may see how far those influenc’d the future events of my life” (Franklin, 43). During this conversation, Franklin revealed the connection between his inner self-awareness and his actions. It is important in Franklin’s life to make that connection, therefore; he should stop preaching the thirteen virtues and express self-awareness. In recognizing his self-awareness it allowed him to be proud of his actions while the reader could understand his success

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