The Ballad of John and Yoko

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  • Analysis Of John Lennon's Life After The Beatles

    LIFE AFTER THE BEATLES After the breakup of The Beatles, Lennon expected to feel free and liberated but felt the opposite. Lennon, with the encouragement of Yoko Ono, turned to “primal scream therapy,” where he relived traumatic moments of his childhood and relieved the tension that built up through screaming and crying. Lennon later said, “I’m not bitter anymore . . . I meditate and I cry” (Corbin 99). Lennon and Yoko Ono had a falling out in 1973, when she forced Lennon to move out. Lennon called this his “Lost Weekend” which was actually fifteen months. He partied, drank, did drugs, and had an affair with May Pang, a personal assistant of his and his wife’s. Eventually, The Lennons’ relationship rekindled and the couple moved back in together…

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  • An Analysis Of John Lennon's Song Imagine

    on a Steinway piano. He described the genre as a piano ballad in a rock category. Rather than sitting down on a chair contemplating about life, Lennon attempted to declare the freedom of hunger, agony, religion and from politics. Perhaps, lyrics in a song could be the most powerful device in speaking through people’s heart. He wanted to leave the contemporary world living and competing for money and fame. The idealistic and political mind drawing people’s attention to the political state of…

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