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  • National Rifle Association Analysis

    One of the biggest advocates of protecting the second amendment is the National Rifle Association. The Encyclopedia of Interest Groups and Lobbyist in the United States reports that the NRA consists of over 3 million members nationwide (pg. 532) The NRA was founded in 1871 with the purpose of training the National Guard to be sharpshooters as well teaching its other members how to shoot (pg. 532). The first president of the organization was one of the Civil War Generals of the Union, Ambrose…

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  • John Kasich Biography

    The grandson of immigrants who were coal miners, and is a prodigy politician who talked his way into a meeting with President Nixon at only eighteen years old, John Kasich is the emblem for a true American president. He has spent over two decades in congress writing bills that helped Ohio have a balanced budget, which hadn’t happened since 1997. Through his sheer dedication of being a better man, he also wrote two best seller novels and lived an adventurous life when he was kicked out of a…

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  • Lord Of The Flies Speech Analysis

    “When you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat.” President Ronald Reagan’s advice rang true as he spoke for the masses at a conference in 1984. Through the power of this speech, Reagan demonstrates that people will go to extensive lengths to be heard and make change. In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, this very principle is demonstrated as once innocent schoolboys turn to savages in an attempt to rule and conquer their peers. Golding parallels the state of a conch found…

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  • Nicaraguan Revolution Essay

    Plan of Investigation This investigation assesses to what extent did the Nicaraguan Revolution affect Honduras? In order to completely understand how Honduras was involved in the Nicaraguan Revolution, research has been done to investigate: the involvement of other countries in Honduras, The military tactics between the borders of Nicaragua and Honduras, and the public opinion concerning Honduras involvement in the Nicaraguan Revolution. The main sources for this investigation are Inside…

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  • 80's Alternative/New Wave Movement Analysis

    “spike” in the Cold War but also involvement in the Iran-Iraq War. The United States Army was definitely at its worst shape, with very low recruitment numbers and minimal weapons compared to other nations. Ronald Reagan took office in 1981 and pledged to reconstruct the U.S Army. However, Ronald Reagan’s fulfilment did not come easy though as it had many effects on the poor and the United States budget. According to document two, Reagan cut social service programs in order to increase military…

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  • Machiavelli The Prince

    "The Prince" was written in 1513 but no published until 1532, and it outlined the ideal leader. The author, Machiavelli was an educated aristocrat. Putin was a lieutenant office in the KGB before retiring and joining politics. He was previously prime minister from 1999-200 and 2009-2012. Putin was the president of Russia from 2000-2009 and again since May 7, 2012. Putin is a good example that shows Machiavelli's "The Prince" is still relevant even after five hundred years of its publication for…

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  • Ronald Reagan's Ethos Pathos Logos

    American Tragedy Ronald Reagan is one of the best presidential speakers. Especially in “Speech on the Challenger Disaster.” Ronald Reagan’s use of ethos, logos, and pathos help to honor the seven astronauts, and unite the nation through the tragedy. President Reagan establishes his credibility and trustworthiness by using “I;” therefore, appealing to his own personality and experiences making him more credible. This example, “I know it’s hard, but painful things like this happen” (Paragraph 5),…

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  • How Did Jerry Falwell Influence The Civil Rights Movement

    In June of 1956 at just 22 years old, Jerry Falwell started the Thomas Road Baptist Church in his hometown of Lynchburg, VA. His church has 35 members. Also in 1956 he began the “Old Time Gospel Hour” radio show. This nationally syndicated radio and television ministry that gained millions of followers. Falwell regularly featured segregationist politicians like Lester Maddox and George Wallace onhis radio show. He is also quoted as saying about Martin Luther King: "I do question the…

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  • Ronald Reagan Accomplishments

    A cowboy at heart, and a God fearing man describes Ronald Reagan. Even though he went through a lot in his life, Reagan ended up being famous in more than one way. The 40th President of the United States is what he’s well known for. However, being a President was not the only thing he did in his life. In his early twenties, he was a movie actor, staring in at least 14 movies. Later in life, he became the Governor of California. Through this all, he remained a valuable man, and always tried to do…

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  • Ronald Reagan Research Paper Outline

    RONALD REAGAN 3 Reagan was not born into some rich family and had a father that was into politics. No he was born into a small family and his dad was a hard working man, but was a drunkard, and that was difficult for Ronald. Ronald Wilson Reagan grew up in hardship, but with the love and the lessons of his mother, he learned to overcome the difficulties of life and became the president we would soon know. He later would make America great during his presidency. He also soon…

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