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  • Principal Barajas As A Role Model

    As a person grows up, it is really helpful to have a paragon to look up to. Countless adults today accomplished huge success in their lives with the help of others. Those who have assisted the successors can be classified as mentors, models, ideal individuals, etc. These individuals labeled as “perfect examples” are major help in order to keep a consecutive attitude in not giving up for future success. These perfect examples are classified as role models for their past experiences, impacts, and skills that have been acquired. Role models can provide an enormous impact to those that are in the process of obtaining and striving for success. Role models are very helpful, for they provide an example of outstanding living, motivation to succeed,…

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  • Women's Role Models In Persepolis By Marjane Satrapi

    The women in the novels Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi are a chief example of the theme of matriarchy present throughout the text. The novel has a prevalent feminist air, which is exhibited in the presence of numerous female role models, and the character Marji 's various protests against the men in the Regime. These moments of rebellion on Marji 's part may stem from the influence her matriarchal role models had on her. Examples of these role models include Marji 's mother and grandmother. Both…

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  • Emma Watson's Role Model

    in the Harry Potter films. Although Emma Watson is most famous for her role as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, she has come to be a fantastic leader and role model. As a matter of fact, she is incredibly active in the community and serves as an ambassador for the United Nations. Not to mention, rather than using her fame for her own personal exploits, she has chosen to lead by example and make a difference in the world. In other words, Emma Watson is a prime example of a leader as she has…

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  • Nicki Minj Role Model

    “Fake! Cheap! Crude! Provocative!” These are all comments, remarks, and even headlines about Nicki Minaj. But aren’t we all forgetting that she is after all only human? Like most humans, she is certainly entitled to, and will, make mistakes. She makes her own decisions and will make mistakes. She is arguably the queen of rap, and is free to express herself however she wants. However, many parents don’t see Nicki Minaj as a role model, because of the way she is portrayed by press. What most…

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  • Hester Prynne Role Model

    Prynne, exemplifies what breaking laws and challenging authority looks like. To ensure her daughter Pearl’s safety, she stands up for her maternal rights, demonstrating feministic qualities throughout The Scarlet Letter. Despite Hester’s spirit, which constantly finds a way to get tested by the Puritan community, she prevails unfazed, taking in all the criticism, without letting it negatively affect her life. She portrays herself as a role model for women everywhere, proving that traditional…

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  • Ronda Rousey Positive Role Model

    Ronda Rousey is a positive role model, demonstrating how hard work merits success. It is through her achievements and body positivity that she has empowered other women, defying all odds within a “mans” sport and making a name for herself as a professional rather than being objectified as an attractive cover girl for the sport. Gracing the cover of Men’s Fitness was a milestone for female athletes everywhere; being on that cover made Rouseys’ presence as a fighter only more dominant for she is…

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  • First Lady Michelle Obama's Role Model

    First Lady Michelle Obama has had to deal not only with the stereotypes of African American Women in the United States, but she has also had to deal with the legacies of the previous First Ladies. The role of First Lady has evolved tremendously over the past one hundred plus years. It evolved from a largely ceremonial role to that of policy advocating and campaigning. For example, “[d]uring the 2008 presidential campaign [Michelle] was asked about what kind of First Lady would I be, or which…

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  • Princess Leia Organa's Female Role Model

    If you could choose anyone to be for a brief period of time, who would you be? A simple question you may think, but take a minute. There are so many people in the history of the world that it may seem impossible. Some may choose a historical figure like Abraham Lincoln, whereas others may choose a Celebrity like Samuel L. Jackson. In my case, I chose someone who has been an inspiration to me since I was a kid, Princess Leia Organa from Star Wars. Although she is a fictional character , I believe…

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  • How Transformational Leaders Act As An Inspirational Role Model

    According to (Eagly, 2013), she mentioned that transformational leaders act as inspirational role models, foster good human relationships, develop the skills of followers, and motivate others to go beyond the confines of their job descriptions. Transformational leaders also relay the importance of beliefs and vision created based on ethical identity and emotions for the good of the organization to their followers to influence them and bring them to making decisions and actions based on the same…

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  • Grey's Anatomy: A Role Model On Young Adults

    Every young adult needs a role model in their lives, someone to look up to and learn from their experiences. Not all role models come from the real world, but rather from television. Teenagers look up to popular television stars as positive influences, and want to be like them. Dr. Meredith Grey from the television series Grey’s Anatomy is a positive influence on young adults because she is self-reliant, shows what a true friendship consists of, and is honest. The show Grey’s Anatomy follows the…

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