Rocky Mountain National Park

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  • Keystone National Park Research Paper

    The reintroduction of the wolf into Yellowstone National Park proved significant to the development and growth of species in and around the park. John Muir once said, “When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” Here, Muir believes that when one individual component of a habitat is affected, the rest of the habitat is also affected. This idea can best be described as a keystone species. Keystone species are a species of animal that is involved…

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  • California Floristic Province Case Study

    Nevada range and is the most massive specie ever to live on Earth, reaching heights of 75 meters and circumferences of 30 meters in the oldest trees. The San Gabriel slender salamander (B. gabrieli) is an amphibiam which was recently discovered in mountains of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. This genus is interesting in that it has an unusually disjunct distribution; its only other members are found within the Mediterranean region of southern Italy and France. 4.…

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  • Arches National Park Research Paper

    Arches National Park is one of 58 National Parks in the USA. Each park has different formation and landscape, This National park is located in southeast of Ultra State. Arches contents of over 2,000 natural sandstone arches and the most famous in the world is Delicate Ache. Arches National Park boasts an area of over 76,000 acres. Arches National Park is unique history, geology, wildlife, and specific controversies that it faces. The history of arches was interesting and discover by many…

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  • Lake Mungo Essay

    Lake Mungo is one of Australia 's richest archaeological, historical, cultural and scientific sites, providing evidence of human habitation in the area, as much as 50,000 years old, doubling the anthological history of Australia. The discovery of human remains records some of the earliest evidence of burial rituals including the first cremation and the world 's oldest ochre burial. Evidence also exists for the earliest Homo sapiens outside of Africa. Lake Mungo contains the world 's largest…

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  • Comparison Of Desert Solitaire And Being Caribou, By Edward Abbey

    Preserving Nature through Desert Solitaire and Being Caribou Both Edward Abbey’s memoir Desert Solitaire and Leanne Allison’s documentary Being Caribou were written for the purpose of preserving nature. In Desert Solitaire, Abbey is trying to preserve the deserts in the southwest region of the United States. Whereas, in Being Caribou, Allison wants to protect the caribous located in Alaska, where the government wants to drill for oil and destroy their sacred calving grounds. Even though they are…

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  • Cross-Cultural Perspectives Of Conflict Essay

    As mentioned earlier, there are three different perspectives of conflict such as Traditional, Interpretive and Critical. In Cross-Cultural Claims on Devils Tower National Monument, the perspective presented is the traditional, thereby researchers and organizational trainers focus on strategies, styles and communications choices, and processes to have the best resolution and an effective decision (Papa, Daniels & Spiker, 2008). The traditional perspective, first evaluates how both parties deal…

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  • Frederick Law Olmsted: Forest Management

    LEADERSHIP In 1888, Frederick Law Olmsted was hired by George Washington Vanderbilt to work on the grounds of Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina, which is now the Pisgah National Forest. During this time, Olmsted formulated the first program of forest management. In 1892, Olmsted hired a trained forester by the name of Gifford Pinchot to help him create a comprehensive forest management plan. Under the Olmsted’s guidance, Pinchot carried out the Biltmore Working Plan, which had three…

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  • Galapagos Island Research Paper

    destinations in comfort because when your cruise ship docks at an island, your group will be the only visitors at that time. You will also have a knowledgeable, trained guide who will make sure you do not miss a thing. The Galapagos Islands is a national park of Ecuador, and the government carefully monitors tourism not only to protect the flora and fauna but also to give visitors a chance to see the islands as Charles Darwin did in 1835. The Darwin Trail is on Genovesa Island, also called…

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  • David T. Kennedy Park

    David T. Kennedy Park The park of my choice for this essay is named David T Kennedy Park. I have been coming to this park for quite some time now and it is one of my favorite parks to go to. I will be elaborating on a few of my experiences at the park. As well as how people will react when I go around picking up litter. I will also be explaining some of the parks history. I hope you find this essay to be insightful and full of fun facts that might even make you want to visit the park as well. …

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  • Analysis Of Episodes And Visions Of Desert Solitaire, By Edward Abbey

    Throughout time man is possessed with the question, what is culture? The question results in two answers. There is one with positive feedback or one with negative feedback. Culture is dependent upon the influences of people and how they interact with each other in their said culture and others in a different said culture, by which they create societal norms for people to categorize themselves. The interpretation of what culture is or should be like differs upon each individual’s own beliefs.…

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