Rocky Mountain National Park

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  • Essay On Yellowstone National Park

    upholding the natural beauty and resources of the land was sparked through the establishment of Yellowstone National Park within the American West. These new desires had a lasting impact upon the humans and the environment one lived in. In order to achieve these ideas, many barriers had to be overcome to create a system of protecting land and establishing National Parks. Yellowstone National Park was established during the American Gilded Age, a time of greed and growth when America needed to…

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  • National Park Spheres

    Yellowstone National Park is an amazing place to discover because when you do, you start to understand why we have national parks at all. There are three spheres of interaction in the park and they are: nature-and-nature, human-and-nature, and human-and-human. The spheres that stand out are the human-and-nature and nature-and-nature. Tourist-and-wolves interact within the human-and-nature sphere, and the effects of their interaction are a complicated and long relationship within the history of…

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  • Yosemite National Park Research Paper

    Yosemite is a national park in California. It was established on October 1, 1890. Muir and Johnson lobbied Congress for the Act that created Yosemite National Park on October 1, 1890. The State of California, however, retained control of Yosemite Valley and Mariposa Grove. Yosemite is one of people’s national treasure because of its beauty and the way it looks. It is immortalized in the black-and-white landscape and has 2,425-foot-high Yosemite Falls which makes it one of the tallest waterfalls.…

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  • Gilded Age Research Paper

    Between the mass deforestation for timber, the destruction of mountain ranges for the mining of coal, the erosion of land for the mining of minerals, the expansion of cattle into the grasslands, and the mass clearing of land for the expansion of railroads, we began quickly decimating the only natural resources that were available to us. In 1872, Congress created the first national park, Yellowstone National Park. Although the creation of Yellowstone kick-started the conservation movement…

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  • Meringolo National Parks

    Denise D. Meringolo, the author of “Museums, Monuments, and National Parks: Towards a New Genealogy of Public History” purpose of her book is to expand on the field of public history and to educate the historical background of public history. Meringolo’s purpose is to add a layer of importance to the National Park Service, the importance of higher education, and the maintenance of Mesa Verde. She focuses on the nineteenth century when the government decided to take the steps to collect and…

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  • Wolf Restoration

    In 1974, the gray wolf was placed on the endangered species list, but in Yellowstone National Park wolves had already been hunted for almost a hundred years, the last pack being killed off in 1926. In 1995, eight wolves were relocated from western Canada to Yellowstone, and in the next year, a total of thirty-one wolves were brought in (NPS, 2016). This was the start of what some may call one of the greatest wildlife restoration projects ever undertaken. Twenty years after the fact, Yellowstone…

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  • Client Services Case Study

    Another trait that supports the people skills is flexibility. A strong leader doesn’t always want or need to be right, but it is particularly important in areas where people, and their challenges, are the core of your business. The Vice President of Client Services must always be open to dissenting opinions, other ideas and new initiatives as he or she encourages the team to be involved in the development and implementation of suggestions that have the potential to improve the product, the…

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  • National Parks Internship

    the funds to create more national parks because they can provide full-time careers for people as well as internships and seasonal jobs. Within these parks, some of the internships which they offer are Geoscientists-in-the-Parks Internships, Youth Conservation Corps, and National Parks Business Plan Internships. Each of these internships can provide students with a more in depth knowledge about a given field and provide valuable experience. The Geoscientists-in-the-Parks Internship program “works…

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  • Summary: The American Burying Beetle

    Famous playwright, William Shakespeare once said, “One touch of nature makes the whole world kin”. Imagine if there were no plants or animals, how would humans survive? Humans depend on the environment, whether for medicine, entertainment, ambience, or companionship. Humans gain knowledge from nature, for example: in 1947, NASA sent Albert II, a male rhesus monkey, into outer space to see if he could survive in the harsh conditions, and he did. Albert II allowed for NASA to send humans into…

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  • Wolf Reintroduction Essay

    most renowned rewilding projects which has demonstrated the effects rewilding has on a whole ecosystem, was the reintroduction of grey wolves (Canis lupus) into Yellowstone National Park in the North West of the United States. The wolves were reintroduced to the park in 1995-1996 and have subsequently recolonised the whole park and some of the surrounding area known as the greater Yellowstone ecosystem (GYE) (Smith et al., 2003). The reintroduction of the wolves has had a great effect on the…

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