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  • Song Of Myself Poetry Analysis

    The Poet’s Patriotic Orientation in “Song of Myself” BY Reem Abbas 43380421 The forefather of modern American poetry Walt Whitman writes “Song of Myself” in his great production Leaves of Grass. This poem is one the most enjoyable, controversial, and pioneering poem among twelve other poems. Many poets and critics from the day of its publication until now have debated about it. This influential poem makes Emerson greet Whitman in his great…

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  • The Daffodils And William Wordsworth Analysis

    The Romantic period was one of important periods, Romantic poems have amazing view for the nature and landscape, we also can use term Romanticism to describe particular period, Romantic or Romanticism start in late 1700s to 1820s , the France revolution and the great Napoleonic wars help to forming the Romantic, the most famous and important poets of Romanticism are Percy Bysshe Shelley( the young poet), Thomas DE Quincey and William Wordsworth , according to Ross, he sees that the Romantic…

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  • Powerlessness In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

    The book Of Mice and Men written by John Steinbeck is a tale about two men who are immigrant workers back in the 1930’s and their journey through life. Throughout the book, the reader learns about two men, George and Lennie, and the troubles they face being migrant farm workers. George is a short man with strong features while Lennie is tall and less defined. In the book you discover the dream the two men have, their past struggles, and how they face each day. There are dozens of themes and…

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  • Touch The Top Of The World Analysis

    Despite the fact that both narratives follow the attempts of climbers to scale an imposing mountain, “The Devils Thumb” and Touch the Top of the World handle the subject matter in different ways. While both stories focus on the climb itself, they also address the underlying themes and lessons these climbs bring with them. As such, the two narratives take on extremely different viewpoints; one focuses on innocence and the limits of dreams, while the other focuses its attention on the author’s…

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  • Foreshadowing In John Steinbeck's 'Of Mice And Men'

    Did you know that John Steinbeck is a Nobel Prize winner? The book Of Mice and Men was based on a well-known poem called “To a Mouse” by Robert Burns. The book Of Mice and Men is about two migrant workers named George and Lennie who have a dream to own a ranch one day. How does Steinbeck use foreshadowing in his book? Foreshadowing is shown in Steinbeck’s book through these four things. He relates his book to the poem “To a Mouse”, explaining Lennie’s obsession with soft things, the idea of the…

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  • Robert Frost's Impact Of Writing

    Robert Frost is a much appreciated poet of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to whom today’s commonly seen techniques are attributed. Many authors’ goal is to provide a contribution to society and influence the literature field in which they primarily work. To some, leaving a recognized impression is one of the highest rewards in literature. For authors similar to Robert Frost, a poet in the 19th and 20th centuries, they accomplished this goal with, what seems like, little effort or…

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  • Naxalism Analysis

    Aparajita: You know, whenever one talks of North Bengal, it is Darjeeling - the snow-capped mountains, beautiful forest bungalows, tea estates that comes to one’s mind. Next is Siliguri and NJP (New Jalpaiguri Station). So whenever I told someone that my husband is from Siliguri, who was born in Naxalbari …there was no apparent excitement… just the opposite a sudden dead silence. One obviously associates Naxalbari with Naxalbari movement and Naxalism. I always wondered what it was like to be…

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  • Summary: The Two Towers

    J.R.R Tolkien is credited with having the second best selling book series in the world. The series has sold over 150 million copies. The Two Towers is the second book of the Lord Of The Rings series. The book was published on November 11, 1954. The Silmarillion paints a bigger picture to the overall story of The Lord of the Rings; it goes more in depth into the lives of characters and the lands they inhabit. The Silmarillion was finished by Tolkien’s son, then he published it on September 15,…

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  • The Importance Of Time In Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

    On the shores of a Mediterranean island, one man finds himself naked, afraid, and drained of his strength. This hero, Odysseus, makes his way to the palace of the royal family ruling the island of Scheria with the help of the lovely princess Nausicaa and his protector, Athena. After winning the favor of the king and queen as a mysterious guest and stranger, the king urges him to tell of his life and Odysseus gives in. As Odysseus tells of his travels in a flashback, he recounts his time at sea…

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  • Selflessness And Individualism

    is not about “me”. Being generous and kind to others become the characteristic of selflessness; for example, a donation to charity and goodwill are showing the sign of selflessness and people also can reach a higher level of inner peace. In Wisdom, Robert…

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