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  • The Road Not Taken, By Robert Frost

    There have been many great poets and poems throughout history but Robert Frost and his poems take the cake because they are well thought out and have many different meanings and figurative language. On he is considered the second-best poet of all time beating people like Walt Whitman and William Shakespeare. On, it said that Frost began his interest in writing and poetry when he was in high school. He then went to Dartmouth College and later transferred to Harvard.…

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  • Robert Frost's Out, Out

    The dominant narrative of poetry is centered on its more romantic aspects. As a prime example that not everything is sugar, spice, and everything nice, Robert Frost’s poem “Out, Out” provides us with the grim—yet refreshing—truth and reality faced by many children in the early 20th century—child labor. One of poetry’s most celebrated writers, Robert Frost was the epitome of eloquence. Frost was born on March 26, 1874 in San Francisco, California. Always sharp, Frost graduated high school having…

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  • Poem Analysis: St. Louis

    Synopsis: A journey through the narrators St. Louis. Response: The stream of conscious like flow of this poem works so well with the form in creating movement. I felt as though I was following along as the narrator recanted their memories of the streets. One of my favorite stanzas is; “ cars loaded wit families / fellas from the factory / one or two practical nurses / black / become our trenches / some dig into cement wit elbows / under engines / do not be seen / in yr hometown / after sunset we…

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  • Porcellio Scaber Experiment

    Method: Purpose: To investigate how Porcellio Scaber reacts in terms of orthokinesis to different humidities in their habitat. Equipment-  75 slaters which range from 5-10mm in length (kept in a plastic container with holes in the lid, with dirt and bark so that they are kept in a natural environment as possible so can react naturally during experiment.)  5x petri dish set ups labelled from 50-90% (One petri dish on the bottom will contain glycerol and have a mesh/gauze hot glued over top…

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  • Onomatopoeia ': Thoreau's Winter Animals'

    S Subject: Winter wildlife. T Theme: The seclusion in the wilderness, especially during winter, can enhance aspects of the environment’s wildlife an individual may have absentmindedly ignored. However, when an individual pays attention, the winter wildlife appeals to the human senses, primarily the auditory sense. A Audience: Individuals curious with the Walden wildlife. A Attitude: Calm, meditative, informative. RS Rhetorical Strategy: Onomatopoeia “ One had her form under my house all winter,…

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  • Hipter Culture

    What Defines a Hipster? According to Bjørn Schiermer (2014, pg. 169), the term hipster originated in late the 1940s, and “was a term for the decadent connoisseurism and over-refinement of late black jazz culture”. Schiermer also imparts, in an interview with Laurie Taylor, that the “hipster culture is no traditional subculture, it’s less uniform” (Taylor, 2014; Schiermer, 2014). Schiemer also voices the culture explores and appreciates what previous generations did not (Taylor, 2014; Schiermer,…

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  • Robert Frost Influences

    the life of cherished American poet Robert Frost. During the course of his life, Frost endured the deaths of his children and wife, as well as his own individual melancholies; nevertheless, Frost’s lyrical mind succeeded in expressing his anguish through his works as he resolutely travelled the “miles to go before I sleep.” Indisputably, Robert Frost’s works were influenced by his turbulent upbringing, his family tragedies, and his life in New England. Robert Frost’s turbulent upbringing deeply…

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  • Robert Nozick's Hedonism: What Is A Good Life?

    pleasure). Another way to interpret this is by saying that a good life is having many pleasurable experiences and nothing else. A hedonist might say that if you enjoy doing something, then doing so is pleasurable, so your life is good. Well, according to Robert Nozick, a very famous philosopher, a good life is not just about having a good time, it’s about having a true time. There are other intrinsic goods we value such as truth, self-discovery, and autonomy, therefore hedonism is false. Nozick…

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  • Robert Frost The Road Not Taken Essay

    "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost is a remarkable piece of poetry that displays the thoughts of Frost about the world around us and the choices we have to make on our journey of life. To better understand "The Road Not Taken" lets take a closer look into the life of Robert Frost. Frost was born March 36, 1875 in San Francisco, California. His first poem was "My Butterfly" appeared in the New York newspaper The Independence on November 8, 1894. Frost married Elinor Miriam White in 1895, who…

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  • Robert Frost Figurative Language Essay

    and William E. Cain, I was introduced to Robert Frost and a number of his poems. I found Robert Frost to be an inspiring poet, because he didn’t follow the strict rules of poetry. Instead he found joy in writing poems that were different from normal poems. Reading his poems, I could really tell he focuses on the tone of voice and how he says things. He also uses a wide range of figurative language throughout this poems to give his readers a clear image. Robert Frost’s individuality by doing is…

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