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  • Being Brilliant Essay

    Being Brilliant has Become the New Average What is the true definition of intelligence? People talk of common sense, “street-smarts,” “book-smarts,” GPA, IQ test, and various other standardized tests to determine their intelligence. In the Oxford Dictionary intelligence is defined as “the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.” Society has limited and labeled ourselves into groups based on a phrase or number and has greatly wounded our possibility for achieving great and limitless innovations. The “we are all winners” society had the unintended consequence of altering the purpose of schools; changing them from places of expression and finding yourself to a place void of individualism and forced perfection. In this paper, I will argue that the stunt on creativity has inflicted a debilitating sense of false pride and intelligence in our youth. First, I will focus on schooling. During a child’s developmental stages they spend about 50% of their time either at school or carrying out things for school. Somewhere in the recent past the idea of intelligence and creativity going hand-in-hand was lost in translation and the idea of striving for constant perfection became the new schooling system. “Does great innovation come from encouraging creativity in the classroom and hoping it will translate into creativity in the real world? Or does it come from rigorously training our best and brightest minds and then allowing them the freedom to innovate?” (Wai). In simpler…

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  • Summary Of Lynn Nottage's Play 'Ruined'

    Lynn Nottage’s play Ruined takes place in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The play opens in a bar that is run by a woman named Mama. A man named Christian arrives, offering Mama several goods he has acquired. He also leaves Mama with two girls, Sophie and Salima. At first Mama refuses to take in Sophie because she has been sexually assaulted so many times that she is “ruined” (Nottage, 12). However, Christian pleads with her because Sophie is his niece. Sophie and Salima work at the bar, along…

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  • Public Discourses About Teenage Pregnancy

    In this article, “Public Discourses About Teenage Pregnancy: Disruption, Restorations, and Ideology,” Jennifer J. Bute and Laura D. Russell both on the Department of Communication Studies, discusses the hard times that mothers have to go through. The article talks about a celebrity teen mom, Jamie Lynn Spears and what she had to go through as a famous figure who got pregnant. In this article the authors say, “As media cast a shameful spotlight on young women, females are commonly portrayed as…

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  • Figurative Language In Richard Cory, By Edwin Arlington Robinson

    “Richard Cory”, written by Edwin Arlington Robinson, portrays a man’s life story only through the effect of his personality upon those who admire him. The poem is separated into four stanzas, each unfolding a different aspect of the protagonist’s life represented by the townspeople. This poem is devoid of almost any literary elements and figurative language; however, the words themselves still have resonance. By formulating assumptions and opinions of how the other half lives, the “people on the…

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  • Literary Analysis: The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg

    town as appearance-based, a place full of people who only care about a spotless reputation and how the rest of the world sees them. The first textual example is “a mean town, a hard, stingy town,” where the author is referring to the deeper description of Hadleyburg. The narrator uses this quote to explain how Hadleyburg may seem like an utterly perfect community with core values and strong morals, but underneath they only care about the way they look and how to keep a chaste name. The second…

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  • Stephen King Why We Crave Horror Movies Essay

    Stephen King, a talented horror fiction writer, published an article in Playboy magazine called “Why We Crave Horror Movies.” The author tries to prove modern day horror movies are a relief of violence and also can calm the negative nerves in the mind. In several ways these things can be related to real life situations. My relief of violence is dancing around in my room and reading my bible and horror movies allows us a chance to indulge in that sick imagination of ours so we do not act on them,…

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  • The Importance Of Forgiveness In Jonathan Livingston Seagull

    Fighting is always easier than forgiving, for placing blame brings no tarnish to oneself. As humans (and seagulls) we cannot hope to move forward without leaving what holds us down behind us. In Richard Bach’s novel Jonathan Livingston Seagull, forgiveness is weaved throughout the tale of a seagull, daring to go beyond the norm, facing the consequences for the pursuit of happiness. Despite his banishment from the rest of the flock, Jonathan begins the discoverence of the secrets of flying by…

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  • Zinn Under Control Analysis

    What does Zinn mean by “Under Control?” What I believe Zinn means by using the phrase “under control” is that the government had the opposite of over control. It is apparent the government lacked control in just about every aspect during this time. Meaning the system was out of control because there was a lack of control. The first indication that the government was loosing control during this time was found in the view of the United States citizens. People no longer had any trust in or showed…

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  • Virgin Group: The Success Of Richard Branson's Leadership Model

    The companies vary from selling books, mobile phones, and recently moving into the airline, train, finance, and resorts industries. The success of Virgin is reflected by Richard Branson’s personality and leadership style of openness and master negotiation skills. Team-building and approaching situations with a consultant perspective were skills that Branson used in daily decisions. The customer service aspect of all of the companies that Virgin Group was the parent company to be focused on…

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  • The Things They Carried Free Response Analysis

    Diana Bonilla AP English Lit Mrs. Nellon 12 September 2015 The Things They Carried Free Response Essay Prompt 3 Throughout the story, The Things They Carried, Tim O’Brien speaks and leads us through his experience and participation in the Vietnam War. He speaks about the time he is drafted until the time that he revisits Vietnam, although the story is not told in that order. In the chapter, “On the Rainy River,” Tim O’Brien walks us through his emotional reaction to being drafted for the…

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