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  • The Implications Of The EU Law-Making And Legislative System

    influence over the initiation of legislation than the Parliament, which has led to the Council becoming more proactive in the legislative process. Further there has been criticism of the European Parliaments’ representation. This is because the number of MEPs for each state is not strictly proportionate to population size and it has therefore been suggested that smaller Member States are over-represented. However, to say that European Parliament is weak compared to the Council of Ministers…

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  • Argument Against Tuvalu

    Forty years ago, the British people voted by referendum to join the European Economic Community. But that wasn’t too fair a referendum now, was it? You see, the British people only gave input to join an economic community which has since transformed to the European Community, and now the European Union without the consent of the British people. Since our admittance to the EU, our right to self-govern has slowly dwindled away. Right now, for example, the European Union makes 75% of our laws. They…

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  • Euroculture: Political And Legal Perspectives

    Euroculture: Political and Legal Perspectives Assignment I Ziya Mert Karakaş The EU is a complex supranational entity. It is not a state or a federation and it is difficult to classify. So are the questions whether the Union has attributes of each, and if yes, what are them. The democracy, in the modern times, is a fundamental part of the state functioning and is…

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  • The Importance Of Parliamentary Sovereignty Of The British Constitution

    constitution are in fact written down, much of it in the laws passed in parliament, otherwise known as statute law. There are many principles involved in the British constitution however one of the main and perhaps the most important of the principles surrounding it is parliamentary sovereignty which I will be discussing in this document. First of what is parliamentary sovereignty? The sovereignty of parliament – parliament and only parliament get to make laws and no one else. As dicey stated…

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  • Arguments Of A Democratic Deficit

    believe that even with the understanding that the EU will obtain some state sovereignty, the degree which they have imposed on nation-states control of their country is rather large. Having EU law take precedence over state la, infringes apron states parliaments. Moreover, even if the European Project is seen a framework for pooled sovereignty, this still shows that individual states are at a loss of power. Instead of being able to act independently, each state much considers their neighbors.…

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  • What Are The Advantages Of The Act Of Trade Union

    In 1707, The Act of Union forged the nation of Great Britain. This joined the English and Scottish Parliaments into the British Parliament centered in London. The Union promised Scots unhindered access to English markets and colonies. The possibility of economic benefit through trade was a significant pro-union sentiment, expressed best by a Commissioner of Scottish Parliament: This nation is behind all other nations of Europe, for many years, with respect to the effects of an extended trade.…

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  • The Reasons For The Formation Of The European Union

    vices is to represent the EU parliament to both the outside world and other EU institutions. Parliament holds plenary sessions each year, which bring aboard the 20 parliamentary committees that specialize on specific domains of EU activity. At these plenary meetings, issues of concern as tabled by each committee are discussed or debated by the various political groups formed by EU members of parliament. The Role of the EU Parliament The first role of the EU parliament is to legislate; in…

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  • The Rhetorical Analysis Of Edmund Burke And The British Parliament

    Edmund Burke confronts the British Parliament as to how they should confront the newfound colonies: with profound reconciliation . Burke tries to put all of his good intent into a speech to try to mediate an understanding so there would be no further negative confrontation between New England and its branches. Burke is aware of his privileges held, therefore, he is doing everything in his dominion to better the society. Although not implicitly stated, it can be read throughout the text that…

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  • Scottish Devolution Case Study

    the Scottish parliament. Essentially this puts forward the view that Scotland is best placed to make decisions for Scotland, therefore decisions should be taken closer to home (Leach, Coxall and Robins, 2011). During the referendum…

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  • Ethical Cosmetics Bill 2016 Research Paper

    The Ethical Cosmetics Bill 2016 was introduced in Parliament on February 29 by its sponsoring Member of Parliament; Clare O’Neil. This Private Bill amends the Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act 1989 in order to effectively terminate, and create offences against the importation, manufacture and trade of cosmetics tested on live animals within Australia. This Bill has been actively backed by Labor Party’s Deputy Leader and MP for Sydney; Tanya Pilbersek as well as O’Neil’s…

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