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  • Analysis Of Top-Down Interference In The Flanker Task

    In the research article “Top-Down Processes Override Bottom-Up Interference in the Flanker Task,” written by Rotem Avital-Cohen and Yehoshua Tsal, it is explained that top down processing is key to being successful in the flanker task. Avital-Cohen and Tsal hypothesized the probability that the brain uses top-down processing when dealing with various distractors, which are stimuli different than what participants are supposed to be paying attention to. These experiments provide evidence to a variety of subsets of top-down processing. Using the topics learned in lecture, it is easy to comprehend the data within the article. Looking at both of the experiments in the article, our understanding of top-down processing can be enhanced, particularly in regards to context effects, such as ambiguous letters and out of context objects. The flanker test is done by taking a letter that is made ambiguous with another number, such as the “S-5” combination and the “O-0” combination, and flanking them with various other numbers or letters. In the first experiment, participants were told to hit the left “ctrl” key if they saw the letter “S” and to hit the right “ctrl.” In 75 percent of the trials, the letters were surrounded by the unambiguous characters “A,” “F,” “L,” “3,” “4,” and “6.” When surrounded by a letter, the ambiguous character was viewed as a letter, and vice versa when surrounded with numbers. However, 25 percent of the trials had one ambiguous letter surrounded by the…

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  • Comparing The Four Basics Of Gestures

    .4 Basics of Gestures Gesture is the use of nonverbal communication in between the humans or to any other creatures. This kind of communication uses different part of the body such as hand, head, the lips and etc. Those body parts are used to convey messages nonverbally. Basically, for gesture recognitions that are used in the digital world, it can be categorized into three different areas which are voice gesture recognition, facial gesture recognition and hand gesture recognition. 2.4.1 Voice…

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  • Decorator And Strategy Patterns Case Study

    11, 2017 Scenario – PDF parsers An application needs to be developed for parsing PDFs, and potentially performing optical character recognition (OCR) in case of non-searchable PDFs. For searchable PDFs, an open source tool called Apache PDFBox is available, while for non-searchable PDFs, depending on quality requirements, OCR needs to be performed by going to a paid Google Vision API or using open-source tools like Tesseract. A strategy pattern based solution Figure 3 - Strategy…

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  • Montessori Curriculum Analysis

    educators don’t agree with the idea that all children have the ability to learn in the same way at the exact same time of their life. In a traditional school, a child will be taught the same maths as the other youngsters in the room whereas in the Montessori school, we try to observe each child and question ourselves about what the child understand, what helps them to learn and how we can make it easier and more enjoyable for them to learn. We also take each child’s interest and see how we can…

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  • Computer Engineering: Data Mining

    (AI) get to be achievement drivers. Having a more intensive look onto AI, its execution into information administration frameworks and its applications for business intelligence purposes as in case of applying it for data mining and then data warehousing, is still in an early stage. In any case, Artificial Intelligence is as of now ready to address normal issues of the space, as it is by all accounts more present and acknowledged by chief knowledge officers and organizations at larger scale.…

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  • 1 Cor 14: Keeping The Purpose Of Corinthians

    replaces speech refers to teaching in Timothy. Unlike Timothy, the Corinthian passage makes it clear that this is not some limited silence dedicated solely to preaching or teaching as in the modern Church. These words convey a woman who would need to be careful to keep her sneezes quiet so as to not to violate this command. A case could be made that Paul is trying to express speech that is, specifically, not spiritual. One specific word causes trouble for the application of both passages,…

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  • Algorithtic Analysis: Divide And Conquer Strategies

    Divide and Conquer Strategies: Divide and conquer is an algorithm which design paradigm based on multi-branched recursion. This designed paradigm consists of following phases: 1) Break the problem (divide): Breaking the problem into several sub-problems that are smaller in size. 2) Solve the sub problem(conquer) : Solve the sub-problem recursively . 3) Combine the solutions (Merge): Combine solutions to subproblems to create a solution to the original problem. This technique is the basis of…

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  • Thin Slice Judgements And Critical Thinking

    attack victims. The result being that they now offer some of the most accurate heart attack diagnoses in the country. I would like to believe that very little personal biases occur in these types of emergency decisions. However, judging a person on the contents of their iPod for instance is highly subjective (Question 7 Chapter 1). A persons mind will often associate intangible emotions and connotations with artistic expressions that are in no way universal. This is because our brains are…

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  • Personal Reflection: My Interest In Computer Science

    I found how, by parsing an increasingly large amount of data from a single sensor, one could observe trends that remained otherwise obscure. I created a gas pressure monitor for geysers which recorded measurements throughout the day and raised an alarm if they transgressed out of range. These measurements were logged streamed, refined, and then visualized. I was able to observe an intriguing trend that gas pressure, especially in winters, was the lowest during evenings and highest after…

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  • Cloning Is A Moral Impasse In Hinduism

    animals is ok. On the other hand, my opinions about the cloning of humans is not as positive as they are for the cloning of animals. To clone cells, such as blood or liver cells, is productive as it serves a medical purpose that has the ability to benefit the whole of society. Although to clone a full person would be absurd. However, if something so ridiculous and Frankenstein-esque were to happen then it should, of course, have the rights that biologically born humans have. In conclusion,…

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