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  • Charles Manson Parole

    REPORT TO PAROLE BOARD ON CHARLES MANSON Parole is not setting free those found guilty of a felony. It is simply a release before the set time of an entire sentence. Yet still, the parolee remains under supervision just to balance the sentence and must typically abide by the parole conditions or the expected behaviors (Andrew, 2005). Nonetheless, since it is not the judges or prison officials who grant parole, parole boards must consider a myriad of issues before granting or rejecting parole. Typical in every state, the board is expected by law to consider a prisoners release request by examining: 1) the seriousness of the committed offense and if any parole recommendations were granted by the sentencing judge, 2) has the prisoner been abiding…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Parole

    supervision by police (the first parole officers). Parole is the release of an offender from a penal or correctional institution, after served a portion of his sentence, under the continued custody of the state and under conditions that permit his reincarceration in the event of misbehavior. According to “The adult parole population increased by about 1,600 offenders (up 0.2%) between year end 2013 and 2014,…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Tom's Murder Case

    plea showed that he was remorseful and he should be given a non-parole term, and that he has some chances of being released in the future. Tom thinks that he was not remorseful and he described Bayley is the worst person he ever met. He feels that Bayley will not stop committing crime even he was on parole. Bayley’s previous records had shown that he is a threat for women and he should be put away forever. He had raped so many women and he did not learn from the crimes at all. He kept on doing…

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  • Virginia Department Observation Essay

    The agency I am working for is the Virginia Department of Correction Probation and Parole District 19 located in Newport News, Virginia. The purpose of the agency is to promote public safety; the mission is enforced by providing offenders with positive reinforcements so they can live a crime free life. The agency hopes to achieve the mission by: investigation and assessment of the individual’s risk, detailed supervision plan, ample amounts of treatment and resources, lastly, appropriate…

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  • Parole And Probation Essay

    Parole is a supervised release of an offender from a correctional facility, which allows the offender to serve the remaining of his or her sentence within the community under specific conditions (Alarid & Del Carmen, 2012). Parole is granted to offenders at the discretion of a parole board after reviewing each individual case (Alarid & Del Carmen, 2012). Probation is a form of criminal sentencing imposed by a judge on an offender for violating the law (Alarid & Del Carmen, 2012). The offender…

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  • Positive And Negative Effects Of Parole

    The negative views on parole generally stem from societies acknowledged opinions developed from the influence of media. Their conceptions and views are vastly influence by the media, which is generally occupied by cases where an individual is released on parole and has re-offended (Bartels, 2013; Sparks, 2001). Due to the media’s influence the notion of parole having effect on the re-offending rate is widely debated. It’s a concept that is highly circumstantial and the outcome is dependent on a…

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  • Similarities Of Probation And Parole

    There are many issues involving our probation and parole systems in the United States. Probation and parole are both contemplated community corrections that include supervision in the community. There are many problems with overcrowding in prisons due to long term sentencings. Due to the overcrowding in prisons they have no choice but to release them early from their sentencing and that is unfair to the other offenders considering it is unfair to the offenders that committed a lesser crime and…

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  • Reoffending In Australia

    South Wales, investigated the patterns of reoffending of 2,793 prisoners released on parole between the 2001 - 2002 financial year. The results of this study showed that by September 2004, almost two-thirds of the prisoners had reappeared in court, 64 percent were convicted of a new offence, and 41 percent had received an additional prison sentence as a result of reoffending (Jones et al., 2006). Further analyses found that the offenders who had greater numbers of prior imprisonment sentences,…

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  • A Career As A Probation Officer

    Introduction Probations has always been a career that has interested me, and today is the career that I am in the pursuit of. The whole essence of the career is based on the desire to help others, even if those that need help are unwilling to receive it. Probation and parole is an incredibly important aspect of the criminal justice system, as it is meant to be a form of rehabilitation provided for offenders who have either been released from incarceration, or who are at risk of becoming…

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  • Probation Officer Experience

    This fall for my 2016 Internship, I had the opportunity to work with the Santa Clara County Probation Department. This opportunity was a pleasant surprise, because my career goal is to be a Probation Officer someday. Therefore, when I got the news of my acceptance, I was beyond excited. Upon the first day of training, I received the news that I was being placed in the Adult Probation Department. Furthermore, that I was being positioned under the Domestic Violence Unit. Gaining this internship…

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