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  • Uber Advertisement Analysis

    what Marx identifies as the real subsumption of labor under capital.[2] This term refers to the tendency of capitalism to not only maximize its control over the traditional spaces of labor and exchange, but also its need to valorize those moments that used to be outside the expectations of commercial exchange. In the frame of the sharing economy, one is not sufficiently “hustling” if there is a product or waking that cannot be transitioned into a valorized product – your car is wasting money…

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  • China's World Economy

    Money controls everything. The state of all economies around the world depends whether or not the country makes money from exports. Without money, these economies cannot function at their full potential. The world economy depends on whether or not the independent economies of countries thrive. The world economy is shrinking because of china’s economic slowdown and the overpricing of oil. The world economy is comprised of individual economies and their international trading of goods and…

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  • China Stock Market Essay

    In the 1980s, China began the process of opening its billion people market to the world, the once closed door began to open and the flood of investment began. The country labeled as the sleeping giant began to awoken and see drastic changes in its economic climate, over the past 30 years the GDP per capita of raised from roughly $130.00 to near $7,000.00 levels. With the massive boom and the constant inflow of investments comes a hurdle that could heavily affect the economic future of the…

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  • The Culture Industry

    There are many forms and its consumption is increasing. Cultural products are continuously standardised into commodities that offer false needs and satisfaction through pseudo-individualisation. Entertainment has expanded yet still lacks depth, and exchange value dominates. Individuals seek escape in what the culture industry offers, and succumb to the socio-psychological effects of escapism, one-dimensional self, and continue to react rather than reflect. The culture industry argument continues…

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  • The Negative Consequences Of Texting And Driving

    Hitting Home “Scotty is in the hospital. Jump in the car and grab your brother. See you in five”. Well that was quite devastating when hearing those words spill out of my mother’s mouth at about the age of 16. It was a matter of 20 minutes that we had arrived at the hospital to see my entire family huddled around a trifling, little white hospital bed big enough for just his body and no wiggle room. I pushed my way to the front of the 20 people standing in the hospital room to see before my eyes…

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  • The Choice Between Using My Phone Or Face To Face Communication

    1. If I had to choose between using my phone or having a face-to-face conversation, I would chose face-to-face. I prefer emotions and real laughter. Phones to me are so fake. It’s not a real person behind those written words. You say so much more and can hold out a conversation better when you are face- to-face. It is easier to relate and understand the person. There is nothing more that I hate then missed communication over text messaging. Words can’t express and show action like someone’s tone…

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  • The Importance Of Communication In Business?

    the entire business. The best way to ensure that the communication is advantageous is to set up basic framework for all communication. There has to be standards set in place that all parties within the communication can expect to happen on every exchange. Five of the most important parts of that communication are honesty, fairness, opportunity, timeliness, and follow-through. Associations that exercise this framework have the opportunity to increase the usefulness of all communication within…

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  • AT & T Case Study

    AT&T started in 1875 when Alexander Graham Bell invented the first talking telegraph. In 1876 and 1877 Bell got his patents on his telegraph. New Haven, CT was where the first telephone exchange existed in 1878 and this was operated under Bell Telephone. It took about three years for more telephone exchanges to open in most major cites in the United States. It was decided then to build a long distance telephone network and it started in New York and in 30 years is reached all the way to San…

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  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act Analysis

    also thinking that the act was bad for US companies and that maybe these problems should have been dealt with in a different manner as there was a decrease in the number of companies that registered in the US Stock Exchange and there were more companies registered in the UK stock exchange in 2008. (Wikipedia, 2014). The amount cost of SOX definitely discourages small firms and foreign firms from entering the US stock…

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  • Yuming Kuo Biography

    Yuming Kuo, who was an industrious and earnest organizer, was an investment adviser in a stock broker company. He researched and analyzed the business conditions of both listed and OTC companies, and gathered the world-wide news about everything, especially put close attention to the government's trading and economy policies. Although investing in stock market could not guarantee always making profits, his still reasonably estimated both the risks and the profits under the legitimate company…

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