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  • Importance Of Materialism Essay

    I strongly believe that materialism can be good if you are able to manage it the right way, but if you lose control it can turn in a really negative part of life affecting the most important thing in life: the family. Can giving such an important value to money and material possessions lead to conflict between work and family? Is materialism taking the main place in our lives? Nowadays people live in a consumer society, where the only thing that matters is if you have the newest stuff in the…

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  • Examples Of Materialism In The Veldt

    There is a certain pride and air of exclusivity with being the first to own something. Everyone has felt the pull of materialism, the tug of superficial values, and the urge to indulge in expenditures. Roy Bradbury satirizes this consumer culture in “The Veldt” using exaggeration and irony as the Hadleys become victims of materialist desires. Bradley targets hubris, ego, and materialism as hindering social interaction. In "The Veldt", the Hadleys are especially guilty of such traits, purchasing…

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  • The Influence Of Materialism In Germany

    Although Germany’s gross domestic product remains high due to successful exports and a large population of producers and consumers, German spending trends reflect a transition away from materialism. This trend has historical roots, such as the Nazi era, when leaders promoted a similar mentality of abstaining from material luxuries in order to eliminate the concern of selfishness. Instead, Nazi leaders encouraged citizens to value their nation above all else. After enduring various forms of…

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  • What Is Marxism?

    Far from being exhausted, Marxism is still very young, almost in its infancy; it has scarcely begun to develop. It remains, therefore, the philosophy of our time. We cannot go beyond it because we have not gone beyond the circumstances which engender it. J.P. SARTRE, Search for a method (NY 1968) p. 29 Introduction Living in times which Francis Fukuyama famously described as the ‘end of history’, when the last great bastions of communism fell together with the Berlin wall more than 20 years…

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  • Materialism And Globalization

    The end of the Cold War marked a new beginning of time for international relations. The triumph of liberal democracy meant the expansion of capitalism and globalization. Economically and socially, states were more interconnected. However, states also started to experience new forms of threats. For a long time, it was assumed that states were the primary actors in the international relations. Based on this, it was assumed that the threat of a state was another state. The focus of security…

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  • Materialism In Sociology

    After the first two weeks of class, we learned from both of the assigned readings each night, combined with the discussions and note taking the following days in class, an introduction to what society really consists of. Also we learned the basics of a handful of social functions. The first few chapters focuses on things such as culture and a group of people’s values in their world; so as we read further into the subject of Sociology, we will begin to see more and more of just how exactly the…

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  • Historical Materialist Approach To Marxism

    The historical dialectic materialist approach represents a key feature of Marxist thought. It is so vital to his explanations of history that it has often been seen as being synonymous with Marx himself. If one wants to understand history as a dynamic, and historical process, it is essential to look at it materially. Ultimately, the historical dialectic materialist approach allows us to make sense of why things are the way they are in a certain era. Three concepts go into explaining the…

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  • Materialism Vs Transcendentalism

    contact with society, yet still remain attached to nature. In Transcendentalism, the spirit and soul come in conflict with society when faced with obstacles, including materialism, the influence of societal ideas, and obligations or responsibilities. To the Transcendentalists, money does not make the world go round. Materialism and greed are abhorrent in a Transcendental philosophy. The alluring promise of fame and fortune conflicts with…

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  • Materialism In The 1920s

    The 1920s were a time when the economy was “roaring” with newfound consumerism. Because of the economic boom, middle class Americans could afford to purchase items formerly available to only the wealthy class such as cars and electrical appliances. This economic boom created a highly materialistic consumer culture. Because of Prohibition, Americans were forced to retreat to underground and hidden speakeasies to get their alcoholic beverages. These speakeasies often were found in African American…

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  • What Is American Materialism

    Courtney Carlson Cody Dye English 101 October 23, 2017 Materialism Madness Ten years ago if you would have asked a friend to go to the apple store you would have probably gotten a really confused look. In 2007, Apple launched its’ first smartphone, the iPhone. Steve Jobs introduced a smartphone with internet accessibility. It was the first mobile device that eliminated the keyboard. The days of punching keyboards to send text messages were over. Jobs provided the first touchscreen…

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